Avengers: Ultimatum SHIELD agents may have given a spoiler


SHIELD Industries on the train for recent release of her sixth season and the clip may appear spoiler de Avengers: UltimatumSub-Dependent by fan theory (With HH), the video shows the body's revival and & # 39; It may appear to be a new procurator. SHIELD SPORTS AGENCIES AGENCIES!

In one of the scenes, there is a truck that loses two cars with the SHIELD logo. The theory states that SHIELD has not appeared publicly since its end Winter Soldier and the time that travel needs to happen in the Ultimatum, the renewal of the heroes of the company's reputation – a & # 39; allows him to grow again.

In addition, Coulson, who died of the past season, has come back and the theory says that he was Skrull; there.

Nothing is still confirmed and everything is not enough of a theory.

Avengers: Ultimatum on its first release on April 25, 2019.

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