Avoiding in Vietnam, to Singapore to make fever


Tourists can attract a tourist attraction in Singapore and anyone who comes to the lion country will include some of the grants.

Million dollars from gifts

Visitors to Singapore have a very beautiful fish-salted egg which, buy and return home as gifts. Hard fish is peeled, cut into small pieces to eat.

Each piece of skin is covered with new salted new salt eggs, just heavy fat, just hard. The taste can not be very good. One particular point is that fish peel is not damaged or fish & many people have a lot of people. think.

This taste has become famous, even tough. Outside a packet the words "Dangerously Addictive" to meaningfully meaning "Very bad – Deadly addict!". As well as Irvins, some of the well-known Chinese pure egg products are in Skin, Golden Duck, Bee Cheng Hang and Teochew; East Harbor.

But to Vietnam, to Singapore to create a picture 1

Gifts will be bought as gifts.

Most of the famous motto Singapore "Salt Salad Fish Skin" is a " Using the tools contained in basin, pangasius, or salmon fish.

According to lawyer Tran Vi Thoai, he always returned with boxes of salt fish skin. This hairdresser is not found in Vietnam.

The need to buy is too much sold, or you need to make a queue too long before the money is bought by buying one packets to two leather fish.

At the same time, it is not known how often in the country is growing fish for export as Vietnam, fish peel.

Indeed, despite the seafood content or agricultural development, Singapore has never marketed as a cooked maritime with the best restaurants in Asia.

The potential of this market is big. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the value of £ 54.4 billion in the region's global sales in 2015 and up to $ 70 billion by 2020.

Dexterity and food specialization comprises 11% of total tourist spending, valued at $ 4.47 billion in 2017.

In Singapore, and Irvin is one of the famous scientists. This snack includes potatoes with salted egg and a fish salt with salt is extremely enjoyable. They are sold in large packages, and cost around $ 6 per pack.

The Singaporeach local company with the salted egg in Irvins is made by its & # 39; this food. This cake is marked with the attention of the designers, colors that look forward and suitable storage capabilities.

"Singaporean restaurants are always serving tree salads for ages, with criminals and black pepper crabs," said Gunawan, who had the logo. By using natural materials, we have tried to store the restaurant taste of food. "

Business experts say, this is how Singapore's businesses offer a new taste of tourists who conserve the best traditional taste.

Naiise's retailer, who specializes in local food specialization, reflect local culture, heritage and language. Food industry has been successful for tourists in recent years.

Heavenly food

Singapore has no own cooking basin. The main colors of Singapore's food are usually Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and sometimes even mixed foods.

The destination led Lonely Planet's comprehensive travel as its main destination. The island is only a small dot on a map of the world with a population of less than 5.5 million people. But when it comes to travel, Singapore is surprised when it brings tens of millions of visitors every year. Many people come to "Lion Island" for food.

But to Viet Nam, to Singapore to create a picture 2

Many of the Singapore's celebrities make tourists a ' remembered forever.

The world's prestigious food award is given to dinner for just $ 2. The world's food event in 2016 can surprise many, but the Singapore food industry does not expected.

The Lion Island has a number of street meals companies around the world such as Old Chang Kee, Hawker Chan, Pezzo, Janice Wong, Mr Bean, …

The Singapore government has decided to aim to train food experts as the focus of its plan to bring the island to the destination of tourists in the world. Singapore has invited the American Institute of Technology to open its first international branch in the country.

The government also has many policies to support people to start in the food industry. For example, the $ 12 million credit package that was launched in 2007 helped with the Capacity Development Program (CDP) or the Consumer Initiative (CCI) to help small and medium-sized supply companies Sing up 50% of investment costs.

A number of other credit packages are also available to help with food businesses with around 50% of the cost of people or food safety.

There is a concern that Singaporean street foods have a number of problems, such as rent increases, fast food chains that are open as mushrooms. A young generation of Singapore does not want to possess this simple simple heritage.

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