Avoiding Purpose: Ministers do not raise teacher salaries


At the beginning of the year last year after long discussions with the trade unions, the government confirmed the increase in last teacher salaries timetablePost-No Cosmic – by 2022, the minimum wage is expected to increase gradually to 900 euros per month before tax. To compare in Estonia, which is far beyond the level of student experience, the lowest salary for teachers is already this year 1250 Euros or almost twice as high as Latvia.

The dentist teeth, dental teeth, listened to the dangers of picking staff, the Kučinska Marine (Marine Union and Farmers) net was the first step of the last timetable in the autumn. In September, the salary increased from 680 to 710 euros per rate.

Listening to the pre-election debate, where the quality of education was divided into one of the key priorities, or even in the talks of all parties, he could not be in mind, with the next step from € 750 from September this year. But here we are. Krišjānis Kariņš (Unity New) is the government of the unified Prime Minister, since we are expecting a realistic reform for Latvian growth, embarked on an ineffective and rigorous decision. Out of all the rules, he specifically removed the increase in teacher salaries.

Why is it important to raise the status of staff as it would have been a long time ago. As a funny news last summer, a message came out that only one teacher of life-experience from Latvia would be graduating from a higher education center. Our tutors are third low wages In the European Union. Our teachers are one of them the oldest onebecause young people, even if they have graduated from college, are low wages and hard work, that they will not go to school or leave it within a few years. We have the lowest proportion of male teachers. In large and small schools throughout Latvia, there is a lack of confusion in physics not only, but also teachers of maths, chemistry, English and other sciences.

Finally, does it still need to be said that there are higher benefits, but quality education is the right way out of the poverty route? Again, we recall income inequality among beginners? Those Latvian schools in Latvia do not carry out this task – to educate poor people – largely due to lack of good teachers? What is the ability of a qualified and motivating teacher to be able to; counted as high quality education in a number of international studies?

The Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) has been a party before election. We are now seeing the product – when the business has come to its hands; starting party and large politics, the ministers are not yet said, the teachers are not. in which they can not be fulfilled. Rainfall also sounds out of its government partiesEducation and reducing inequality before the elections were a priority.

The Ilga Education Minister Šuplinska (Scottish Conservative Party) is also amazing and easy to settle with well-known government colleagues, but Finance Minister Jan Reir ("New Unity") praised about how fast the system is familiar with. You can learn from the Reira the two "systems" and the aggressive betting. Instead of complain because they do not; Achieving the commitments, the Minister for Finance opposes the invasion. "It's an effort to do something to improve the quality of education and just take money from the state," in the "Ir" interview it disturb the educators themselves.

Reir states that "salary increases are not reformed", even higher salaries are needed without the necessary quality improvement and an increase in the school network. Was Reir, who has also been the Education Minister since the end of November, noticed that the local authorities have closed, unite or reorganized last year 65 schools? And we do not know that this is the most authentic number in one year since the major changes to the 2009 school network during the 2009 emergency?

The Finance Minister can also clarify how large the amount of budgets are needed for the salary increase promised to scholars from September this year. Why are public still talking about 15 or even 40 million if it is followed Shuplinski to say, there are only nine? Her story about lectures with officials of the Ministry of Finance is also to confirm her & her; considered that there was no quality evaluation. The salary increase column was left vacant from the beginning to avoid unnecessary fall.

If a country can not find nine billion bundles and 3% of planned economic growth of 9 million euros for the quality of the school, it will send a poverty certificate itself. It is hoped that the MPs will be more pronounced than the government, who do not disagree with staff for the current cut, and salary growth is already this year.


Although this year's schedule of teacher salaries, the single-year level had to be increased to 750 euros instead of the previous 710 monuments, in 2019 the salaries of staff will not increase. The previous finance minister suggested that the money should be explored in resources within the Ministry of Education and Science, but Šuplinska allowed that the sum would not be possible an essential 27 million euros.

The union of the teachers has stated that the government has not promised teachers for the second time. The trade union is also ready to take more proactive steps to ensure that the government is in line with the agreed payroll agreed last year.

Programs for teachers 'salaries expect teachers' salaries to rise to a minimum of EUR 900 per annum per year in 2022.

It has already been reported that ministers have agreed to spend an additional € 7.6 million to tackle financial crime, but this has already increased the budget gap to € 44.5 million.

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