AvtoVAZ started car sales for relationships


AvtoVAZ started car sales for relationships

New cars with five pedals can already be ordered to drive schools.

AvtoVAZ announced that orders for a specific version of the Lada Granta sedan were for acceptance of school driving. The training vehicle is equipped with "Sgoilear" stickers, an extra mirror for the teacher and a backup of brake or clutch petals, or a brake pedal in the drive with a self-removable transmission. At the same time, celebrities are fitted with metal cases, rather than cable cables, which are a more reliable option and do not have to change.

There will be more than 28,000 rubles for additional equipment. According to "AutoMile", the proposal should be attractive to school driving. The device is proven, non-essential changes and paperwork are required. In addition, the "Grant" training will be a valid manufacturer certificate – 3 years or 100km kilometers. The cost of the most accessible version of the training tool is 463,000 rubles.

13:43, 10 February 2019, Sunday / 9376


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