Awesome survey Parents' feelings of relationships are distributed to children


A recent medical study revealed that psychological worries are capable of moving from a father to a son in an hereditary way, which means that it is not a human nature that created the ideas that they are; appear while they are & # 39; life, but they can become an old legacy that does not have their income.

The survey, led by researchers from the University of Maryland and other medical centers, may include some of the leaflet-related leaflets, known for its effect on the brain's currents, to change on human sperm, and affect the & # 39; future children, according to "Sky News Arabia."

To reinforce this result, researchers depended on a sample of the experimental mice. They put on stress and tension by placing them in an untouched tub. In second phase, sperm was removed from a male mice and was used for females.

The study found that mice born from "elderly parents" suffered due to these problems, in front of unhealthy mice and that their descendants were very healthy.

According to researcher Chris Morgan, there is a great likelihood of semen's ability to remember the father to the wilderness, and he has confirmed that this has not been closed, according to the site known as " American American ".

Scientists have criticized this study to better understand human behaviors, as well as to do so; Handling a serious risk by careful handling of cases.

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