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The Amazon Web Services has shown that it has its own CPUs designed and used in its clouds – and are based on the architecture or Intel x86.

It is a huge courage of confidence in the Army Holdings, a British company (formerly known as Acorn) that permits CPU instead of its location; silicon itself.

He also challenges the thirty-year military service as ever before, Creating more choice and competition for users.

Power-power CPUs have a huge impact on mobile devices, a field in which Intel suffered a fierce failure. Hit a weapon by offering distance with poor energy consumption, both being achieved without having to do so; create a lot of heat.

These features are greeted anywhere and so there are some small cloud workers trying to have a weapon-free guard, like a few computers. But handheld servers have not been sufficiently successful enough to increase these tools above and # 39; promises questions.

But they are much larger than something now, as the size and impact of the AWS produces accessible accessibility to the Power of Power users.

Better still, AWS has already reached the answers easily for existing applications.

"If your application is written in scriptwriting language, it's something that you can move to A1 and run its case," write AWS & # 39; Jeff Barr.

The Top added that the new silicon "is very suited to skilled workloads where you can divide the responsibility over a group of smaller settings. -with mini-server, webguards, development environments, and classification of battles. "

Microservices covered in technology are so tight now at the heart of native cloud development initiatives

The name of the CPUs is Graviton, the type of new author "A1" EC2 that is a "#; using herring from one to 16 CPUs with them. How the AWS & EC3 prices list are & # 39; shows, the smallest A1 example – the a1.medium – is costing $ 0.0255 per hour, rather than some of the very few Intel businesses.

The people who know silicon The Register Having a good feeling at the levels A1 and his & # 39; Feeling they are based on the Cortex-A72 skip. That Army is a product aimed at mobile devices that breeds between one and four cores of each CPU, but can be collected to provide more CPUs on one system. chip. The Reg Also find that each CPU is true to respond to a single corporate body.

Stabbing Intel in front

The ability of A1 to run scripting applications is essential because it will be a means that developers do not need to start the effort to start with a # 39; using A1 settings, both diligently or out of questioning.

It's a bad news for Intel, who is very happy to be a provider of AWS and other hiperscale clouds.

Intel now knows that, although the Xeon area is still better than Army efforts, this will change over time.

It is also shown that AWS has enough germs to make the unparalleled work of its silicon design, after it is built and operated. into our attendees. Not in other words, he can now achieve most of Intel's basic capabilities.

AWS has also shown that it can work with its software industry to build a complete system system: A1 and Graviton have not recently appeared, the Chief Red Hat, Jon Masters , to Medium to show that he had the opportunity to use the new A1 statements and said that it is easier to be separated from any other server running Linux.

So that side of things is also covered at AWS.

And that is before we consider what this might have on the "edge", the new hot place in computing will be; let's know that storage and storage resources are in place; only appear anywhere within the 5G network reach.

It is anticipated that army weapons will be done well on the edge. And AWS has the opportunity to go now, with VXware helpful products that have been converted to ESXi to help get workloads where they need to go.

Who is making a very important day today, as this is the one before which the x86 preaching was opposed.

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