B.C. eliminating risk drugs for low income residents


The Minister of Health, Adrian Dix says that British Columbia has taken a "step forward" to help lower income families to deal with the cost of drugs in order.

Dix says that money has not been paid and another payment has been paid to 240,000 households, which means they do not have to be able to; choose between their medical needs or giving basic things, such as food or shelter.

The Health Ministry says a $ 105 million three-year program that has come to fruition, Jan 1 has to ensure that a net income family is $ 30,000 or less; Inappropriate payment for ordered drugs.

Previously, families with net wages paid between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 $ 300 to $ 600 in installments before they were drug aided.

Program reviews are also lower for families that have a " earned $ 30,000 and $ 45,000, and some payments were released for low income people and for poor families B.C. to do less than $ 14,000.

Previously, even a family earned just over $ 11,000 per annum; Cosmetics should be spent on $ 200 before Pharmacare started to build his / her; pushed and said the change "one of the most important things" has been achieved since being a minister when the NDP came to power 18 months ago.

Details published by the Ministry of Health say that data has shown between low income levels, non-resources and drug costs, which show families to Complete orders due to their cost.

The changes, the first to Pharmacare Fair since 2003, also have a shows B.C. participating in the transfer of federal government to a national kitchens program but not willing to wait for results, Dix said.

"I think about the future of any national medicine program, this shows the kind of steps we need to do to ensure that, at a time when "Everything is more accessible, people do not have to make choices … between their health and other basic services," he said to a Vancouver news conference.

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