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Worms in Vancouver and Washington State have not gone inside, but that does not. meaning people should not be disturbed.

"We do not have any evidence of the measles inside," said Dr. Sylvina Mema, medical health officer with Interior Health. Despite that, she said, the fragments in Vancouver and Washington State gives them a great opportunity to remember people about the need for a vaccine, not just for measles but other joint diseases that are covered under B.C. vaccine record.

The message that IH wants to find out, she explains, is the best way to protect yourself and protect your loved ones against their hedgehogs to ensure that vaccines are present.

"We do not want people here to be disturbed. We want everyone to have access to their vaccines," said Mema. "The bankruptcy in Vancouver, as far as we know, has existed."

It is not unusual to investigate humans for measles, she said, especially those who have traveled to parts of the world where the disease is still endemic. However, in accordance with Internal Health records, there was no case of measles in the IH division for eight years.

In 2010, 14 cases were started, and in 2011, there was another one in seven cases.

Mema said that there is a vaccine level for two-year-olds and a 86 per cent average over the Internal Health department, which she says as good, but it is not so high. they would like to see.

"We would like to have 95 per cent and we are working on that," said Mema. "It could (86 per cent) be improved, but it's good."

Mema said, there are many reasons why their children do not own themselves or their vaccine, including they do not know and do not get time.

"And some people are on the fence, they do not know if vaccines are effective," said Mema, saying that people can answer all their questions with health nurses within local public health centers.

Then the people who are vaccinated are "anti-vaxxers."

"Vaccines are safe and effective, but sometimes people will face and not be vaccinated," said Mema. "There are a number of people who are not open to hear our messages."

For those, she said, they are not involved in an argument.

"It does not provide us to any place of offer," said Mema, saying that Interior Health's ongoing education initiatives to raise awareness of safety and safety; need to be vaccinated. "By attacking us so close, it will give us an extra number for people to engage with Internal Health and get a vaccine."

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