B.C. Lowland mainland can vote hard to move on the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain line


The subordinate landlords paid Thursday to move forward with planning and business case for the Surrey-to-Langley SkyTrain line, despite concerns about whether it is sensible to proceed with a line of just half of the money needed.

Surrey, Doug McCallum, in a rare movement at a meeting of regional divisional authorities on the translation authority, used a routine used in terms of a help vote – where the vote is calculated not just counting just 23 council members but on the basis of comparative numbers in each township – to obstruct many other efforts to add supporters to the staffing plan.

He received support from the Cullen Towns in Vancouver, Delta, and City of Langley for doing so, which was enough to connect and achieve other initiatives.

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Councilors and representatives from North Vancouver Town and District, Richmond, West Bank, Pitt Meadows, Belcarra and Anmore are all concerned about moving forward with a project when it is unclear how much can be taken for $ 1.6 billion agreed for the light line that has now been deferred.

Mr MacCallum says that the whole line can be built for that amount, but TransLink staff say that's not the case.

"We need to identify where the money will come for a sum of more than $ 1.6 billion available before we agree," said Doug Little of the North Vancouver Area.

But the chairman and vice chairman of TransLink, Jonathan Coté from New Westminster and Jack Froese from Langley Town said TransLink would always go out where he was going; earn the money from for Phase 3 of the 10-year transit plan.

Surrey was to receive a total of $ 3.5 billion from the $ 7.5 billion plan, which has made money from all three government levels only for his / her. first two stages.

Many have been convinced that they make a decision from Mr MacCallum after being elected in October to make planning and consensus. These mistakes said Thursday that they want a promise from Surrey that he will pay back the $ 56 million spent to prepare for her & # 39; construction of a light rail project.

And some were questioned if residents in Surrey were in a hurry. supporting the major changes in transport plans.

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Mr MacCallum said they did.

"I can make sure that the citizens in Surrey support SkyTrain's large numbers. The other parties have a light rail enterprise. The result of the referendum election is the type of system that is "Waiting for Surrey," he said.

Mr MacCaluim was elected with 41 percent of the votes that were submitted in Surrey in October last year, but the electorate of electors does not mean only 13.5 per cent of elective electors who supported him.

The vote from an attractive group means that it will be a move forward by spending $ 20 million and 15 months to explore the planning and construction issues for the line, as well as to # 39; develop their business plan; federal and federal governments needed to have their money finely committed to the previously agreed rail line.

TransLink will also be able to stop the plans that have been launched; to run a fast bus on Fraser Highway starting on the next month of September, as it may run only three years before the work starts on the SkyTrain line.

Mr McCallum continues to say that the 16-kilometer line can be built for $ 1.6 billion.

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But Mr Coté said that the line seems to be far beyond Fleetwood's or Clayton Heights neighbors on the east side of Surrey.

TransLink's headteacher, Kevin Desmond, said the staff are upheld by their clients. think it costs $ 2.9 billion.

He noted that the Evergreen Line, a 11-kilometer line for $ 1.4 billion, hardened construction applications was more than five years ago, at a time when construction costs were much lower.

Thursday's voting does not yet mean that the new line has been approved by brokers, they have only authorized staff to proceed and go ahead. make design work.

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