B.C. Traveler & black & # 39; which was held in Syria, needed for more than a month


A British Columbia man who went to Syria wanted to hold revenge in the country that was destroyed, and a Canadian foreign minister says there is not much to help.

The human mother from Nanaimo, B.C., said he had not been in communication for more than a month and wants help to go home.

Andrea Leclair told The Canadian Press that her son's 44-year-old son, Kristian Lee Baxter, was getting her every day because she was worried after coming to Syria on November 26, but disappeared after his last message on December 1.

Asked about Baxter, Global Affairs Canada confirmed that it is aware of Canada that was held in Syria.

However, the department did not offer any other information and did not confirm its identity, naming the Privacy Act.

Travel warning from 2011

The government has been sending a Canadian warning to & # 39; Avoids travel to Syria from 2011 after attracting a civil war that has brought foreign powers and has succeeded in many thousands of people, including a new and immense Islamic group, leaving around 500,000 dead.

Canada made diplomatic relations with Syria in 2012, destroying her diplomats and her; its closure.

"Consular services are being taken to the family and the individual, as limited as possible. With the security situation on the ground, the Canadian Government has the ability to assist consulate in any part of Syria is very limited, "said Spokesman Stefano Maron's Global Affairs.

I just want to go home– Andrea Leclair, mother of Kristian Lee Baxter

A Global Affairs travel advisor gives the Canadians a warning to & # 39; avoiding traveling to the country due to its ongoing war.

"Syria is not safe for personal travel," said the department's advice online. "By trying to travel anyway in this security environment is dangerous, it will put you under green risks. Offenders, rebels and armed groups will focus on foreigners for terrorist attacks, murder and reduction for money relief or political benefit. "

The councilor states that the country has been in the face of a fight that includes weapons, tanks, handhelds, plane fire and chemical weapons.

The world traveler and campaigner & # 39;

While they were & # 39; Last talk, Clarke said Baxter was to tell people that he was in a position; Visit a town near Lebanon's border borders.

"Kristian is a traveler in the world, he's been around the world, it's a real estate," said Clarke.

"He brought me to all those people, he says," People are so good, and they are in every place that I am. going, they bite and give me tea and coffee. & # 39; It was just at a very good time. "

Leclair said she was frightened with the lack of information she had about Bhaxter. Global Affairs Canada first said that it can not do anything because Canada's active delegation in Syria does not say that it could be possible to work through a Roman embassy, ​​she said.

The town was Dec Dec 13; in Baxter and disappeared in & # 39; His travel video to Syria on 12 December or 13, she said.

"It's so complicated because we do not know anything," said Clarke. "I just want her home."

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