Babiš: The government wants a new block from Dukovan to build a daughter company CEZ Energy


VALEČ A new branch of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Energy, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), should be secured by a subsidiary of ČEZ, which operates the power plant. According to its president, the state is ready to support the investment by going to the # 39; promise to be the second level. CEZ says that it is against small-scale shares.

The CEZ department of Prague Stock Exchange responds with a fall to 553 crowns for a & # 39; first time. Morning trading began at 555 crowns for each division.

"We are confident that the investment is effective and valuable," said Babiš at a conference on the Dukovany power plant in Valca, Třebíč. He said that it was not true that the government did not think about having a & # 39; Extend the life of Dukovan blocks now. "We want to explore every opportunity. But we are clearly saying that the government wants CEZ to build a new block in Dukovany," said the prime minister.

The Minister of Industry and Marta Nováková (for ANO) at the end of August said the financial model for the construction of a new home nuclear block should be determined by the end of this year. By the end of October, Babiš spoke about the expansion that could have been on Dukovan's life for ten years.

"Small divisions have shown clearly how they can build nuclear power plants," said CEZ spokesman Ladislav Kříž. He said that he was a long-term strategic investment, but from a short-term perspective, his profit was questioned. An application that may block the collection for decades may be possible. "There is no easy solution on this side," said Cross.

CEZ is the largest Czech power company. It is a state in which; Most shareholders who hold 70% of the shares through the Treasury Department. Dukovany Nuclear Power Energy, with a total capacity of 2040 megawatts, and a fifth volume of electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.

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