Baby Gripe Baby sold at Dollar General back


By permission: FDA

Kingston Pharma, LLC is voluntarily reminiscent of his & her; Most of her herbal work "DG ™ Baby Gripe Water with Organic Parts and Sculpture".

The recall is the result of the inclusion of uninterrupted ingredients, flavonoid citrus.

Kingston Pharma LLC has received one report from a one-week-old child when it was difficult when he swallowed the result and three objections to the citrus flavonoid stopped.

They are remembered for each spoon. The product is packed in a 4-ounce leam bottle, a white plastic cap with safety seals and provided by a mobile device, with UPC Code 8 5495400246 3.

The product was distributed throughout the United States by the Standard Dollar Dollar.

To report bad adverse reactions or quality problems that are familiar with this product or ask questions about this reminder, contact Christina Condon or C. Jeanne Taborsky on the coin at 844- 724-7347 and by email [email protected] .com.

Users should contact the doctor or healthcare provider if they or their child have any problems that may be related to their / accept or use this product.

You can read the full information about the repeat here.

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