Baby interesting? The environment in which it grows has a great role


Every mother and father want their best children. A wish for a healthy, happy and interesting parent to be able to; feel naturally. Although the genera is not broken and they are a n; The child's character is very influential, there are special things that we can do to help us to grasp their full potential, without giving attention to the information.

Psychologist Thomas J. Darvill, PhD, that understanding depends on the evolution of human genera and the environment in which it grows. So, if you feel it depends on your ideas, how do you deal with it? child and what you are aware of, you are not far from the truth.

Psychologists have investigated that there are special things that will harm the child and, on the other hand, he will promote him to learn faster, and ultimately to more information.

Pre-timetable time

Period from childhood to the end of the third thirteenth. Development during this time is vital to the child. The most disastrous developmental problems come from prejudice damage. The bush works completely – than the mother's emotion, as she is eating, is what she's doing; think and say.

So you should stress, avoid hard work, provide the most delicious food and provide valuable food. Although it may seem to be a banal if we remind you that you should not drink alcohol or caffeine, but many mothers still do that. Infected baby also has a detrimental effect on cigarettes and drugs, which may be & # 39; Restrict future information development in a small amount.

When you are pregnant with a child, the future mother should take care of her body (and grow) and her love. Eat eating, enjoy insurance and new movement. Exercise, whether normal yoga is a normal pedestrian yoga, can help get better births. Later they consolidate the pelvic floor and the muscles in the cell; Banana, are more likely to be the opportunity to handle the work easier. In addition, children's movement benefits, even in a belly; his mother.

Post-dose time

A time after the birth of the chapter is a new, happy and sad life for parents. The child's brain is incredible to literate for learning, as a sponge that needs to capture information. So, it should be open from the early days. In fact, it is suited to age with regard to stress and the need for sleeping. The form of motivation is very worrying, the child may lose their interest and experience; become unhappy

One of the most important things the child needs to have a proper improvement to feel safe. Tracy Cutchlow, editor of the Brain Rules for Baby book, says that if a child does not feel safe, she can not learn. So, it is not appropriate to let him cry.

If a child is crying without a translation of a mother, the brain will A virus with a hormone that causes a & # 39; poisonous. It will damage the neurons in the brain, which also shows the future ability to learn new information quickly and quickly. Keep the baby in your arms, contact body to body (child and mother) to promote sense of safety as well as massage. Evaluation is output and output; deepen the relationship between parents and children.

Matkin's voice is passionate to the child, this is the first thing she ever had inside her. It's an experienced environment, it's a? means security and protection. Tell him, even though it's fragmented, he does not remember his & her; boy. Read stories, talk to them as often as possible.

As the child can to hear the language, the faster can recognize the words. Research found that 1.5 times higher than IQ were higher than children with mums; speak and speak the language. The voice should be quiet and affectionate. Reading stories can help you to learn words. Look your child's pictures and try to name the feelings of the animals. Behavior to & # 39; sea? Look at it and the child says he's lucky or excited. It supports both sympathy and sensitivity to other people's feelings and feelings.

We try to keep children by side

It is easy to understand that the safety of his / her child is first place. however Think of physical restraint for a young age as well as restrict psychological development. The child learns with every sense, movement and movement of his body. He must think, try to get the biggest movement of movement. Burning, shaking should be done as often as possible.

Moving helps to & # 39; correcting mental activity, stimulating the face lobe to focus and attention, and to; Encourage the development of a hyppocampus that is responsible for memory. If the child can not play yet, you can move on your hands. Communication with mother and their understanding is moved to bring the child into the world as a natural, natural and correct part of a mother.

The more the child learns from interacting with someone, not to see a fairy tale changing or changing; An incentive show that can not be explored. Walk with the child, identify things and name them. Allow those after they have been introduced, allow them to investigate time – help them to & # 39; language skills development.

Just remember a simple thing – the children need to feel safe and affectionate. They do not need toy toys, just the attention of parents. Give them the time they can, play with them, go to nature, spend time as a family as often. as possible. Being weakening, whether physical or emotional or mental, is the main reason why children do not; understand their full potential.

A mother is pregnant and successful for raising a child

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