Bachelet will break the silence for the death of Catrillanca: "The centers work and have justice" | National


The old president Michelle Bachelet Mapuche, Camilo Catrillanca, died of the death of a community citizen who lost his life 13 days ago when he worked with the Jungle Command in Ercilla.

"When I was a president, I passed laws to make positive situations, economic programs, and asked for a pity on behalf of the State of Chile for a complete history of discrimination, crime," currently a senior commissioner for Human Rights of the UN in conversation with CNN in Spanish

"But of course, every new thing like this, drama, I hope that the identified authorities will be a deep search where they can be find those who are accountable and taken into account ", he told the commissioner.

In accordance with what is above, he said he hoped that "the centers will work in Chile so that his family and the people of Chile know the truth of truth … and justice is ".

Consulted by the methods mentioned in the failure of Araucanía and State relations with the mapuche town, Bachelet gave a mixed response.

"I think there are different types (of problems). On the one hand that is development policies have not always come to La Araucanía land and other areas, so that the Mapuche could get people out of their poverty in which many families, "he said.

However, Bachelet emphasized that laws such as Gratuity had helped to reduce some inequalities in some degree.

"Now I want to say today that the students can learn in the university for free as a result of the laws that we passed on Education, there are more opportunities. But there is still a situation not equal rights in action ", is explained to Atlanta chain.

"So, what is the answer is that we are moving forward. In cases of violence, well, it must be investigated, there must be justice and that is It has always been in our country's history, "he said.

In this way, in his opinion, La Araucanía's problem is also part of violence, which is mixed with lack of improvement.

Speaking about that, he ensured that every democratic government had been working on her; case with commissions, laws and judgments, which were not enough from their perspective.

"I think that we must continue to move forward has a great power to make Mapuche people feel their cultural identity is respected and that they can be developed as everyone who has a good idea. live in Chile, "Bachelet decided.

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