Back door to your mobile phone? Just submit a picture –


The attack is very simple. Co-operatives that represent the PNG are very popular with the user, and that the owner is not suspected of the converted machine, not just an exhibition; The open source of its flag to a smartphone to a smartphone.

From a distance, publishers can access user information, but also to capture all communications, and # 39; using microphone by distanceing or reorienting users to other websites with other deletionary codes.

Big risks are big mistakes.

As the lines above show, the dangers are associated with the errors that have been found to be huge. Users may not believe that their devices are equipped – after everything, they opened the picture that came to it as a social network connection or message link.

This is why people should be careful about all the pictures that came from uninhabited sources. Even if it's likely to be damaged by its & # 39; first eye. The attack code can stop quiet and quiet quizzes for some brilliant views or wonders of pets.

The records are also in danger

Faults have been detected on Android 7 to 9, the latest generation of smartphones. It should also be said that the errors are also related to the computer sheets that run on this platform from Google.

It is difficult that tens of millions of users are in danger although Google is already short in February officially outlining the three mistakes.

Google is discharging the screen just on their own designated devices, or on phones and records run by Android One. But these are the lowest.

Do not stop installation

Although plenty is already available, users need to wait for specialists to deliver their handsets. The pieces are already released by Samsung, for example, but many other manufacturers are in time.

And, indeed, it is a record of consortium who has now won the same race to take advantage of his & # 39; broken. If the manufacturer makes a security update, they should not be able to access the installation.

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