Back in Time: The day John Lennon was on stage for the last trip


There are important days in rock history and Pixbear you (find) them. On November 28, 1974, John Lennon who was on stage for the last trip. He was held at a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York (New York)Elton John. Back to the front, the banner and after the & # 39; this best benefit.

Lost the Bet

In 1974, Elton John have participated in recording the album of the song John Lennon Walls and Bridges. He appeared to his phian and his & her; singing songs Amazing snuff (Sweet Bird of Paradox) and Whatever you take overnight. Elton John then bet John Lennon that he would eventually win one number 1 in the United States Whatever you take overnight, as well as what John Lennon enthusiastic to play with him at Madison Square Garden in New York (New York).

Some are missing, John Lennon have accepted this promise. In November 1974, Whatever you take overnight to gain its & # 39; first place at an American Billboard. John Lennon he has no choice but accepting the "honor" and respecting it.


The last event

On November 28, 1974, John Lennon So, on the Madison Square Garden platform. "When I walked on the stage, there was a lot of screws and screams. It was like Beatlemania. I was thinking about what's going on & # 39; because I have not heard from the Beatles " he said later.

John Lennon, along with a black Telecaster, started to be performed with a classic one Beatles Lucy in the Sky by Diamonds. It will connect to another Fab Four classic I thought she was a & # 39; stand there, is included as follows: "I thought we could make a song from one of my fiancées named Paul. It is a song that I have never sung". Finally, the duet takes over Whatever you take overnight. Elton John enjoy them John Lennon also playing Yes but he had refused. After this benefit, John Lennon he said with his incredible desire: "It was fun, but I do not do that for life".

Homecoming with Yoko Ono

In addition to the fact that this is the last service John Lennon, the story tells that, behind the scenes,Beatles found Yoko Ono with which he was separated from 1973 and recording his album Mind Games. "It was behind the scenes and that time when we saw others and it's like it's like in movies, you know, when the time is to stop." He said. "There was a rainfall. Everything was quiet and we just looked at each other.". Then the singer sent to his shoulders with his helper May Pang but he will return it Yoko Ono in 1975 after 18 months of division.

John Lennon then make a decision to himself fully to the life of the family when his son comes Sean 9 October 1975. He returns to the table Double fantasy On November 17, 1980, a few weeks before being murdered at the base of the Dakota Building in New York. But no other story …


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