Back penalty is inspired by anger, anger, and bad feelings


Do you have pain in the back, together with numbness, behavior or weakness anywhere in one leg or two legs?

It can also come from middle or upper to back or neck, shoulders.

All of these problems are the result of a tensioning system (TMS), which is not just a reflection on the serious feelings that we do not want to admit. When we say, the pain in the story is lowered and the drugs are no longer needed. The athletics is welcome. Penalties can be worse during day or night. It may be very bad when you woke up and try to get out of the bed, and gradually you will get out of the day. It's not best for you in the morning and the daily suffering is increased by pain that is; growing. It can be worse or worse when you sit, stand in the place, or when you walk. But the syndrome can be literally a pian, which you are aware of every hour of awakening.

Talk to your brain

It's hard, but it's very effective. The conscious mind speaks to the information, and its aggressiveness & as best as possible. So, several patients were treated by the American meteorologist John Sarno according to this principle report as soon as they were. feeling pain of pain, something that once represented the attacker's intruder, a & # 39; completely tidy away. Tell yourself that you know what it is doing to know that physical pain is not needed, it is only a disorder against it; which is affected and you can no longer attract and frighten.



It is important that we write a diary for a diet.

Power measurement

Take an attentive attitude to the affected terror and its reasons, when you are aware of their pain. This is just what the brain wants to do. It is imperative that you focus on thoughts and feelings are unpleasant, and so you 're denying her pain and cause; You have to take care of these feelings. When the pain is very bad, it's hard to focus on feelings, but you need to look at this process as a competition where your consciousness needs to be seen; The amount of energy adversely affected by an unwanted brain.


They can occur in the neck and shoulders, with flexibility, flexibility and weakness in one or both weapons. They also appear in the knees, ankle, on the bottom or bottom of the legs, either side or both.


TMS handling means that you can find out the way by using the # 39; think. You can do this in quiet and in isolation, so you need to find the time to relax daily.

Corporate activity

Fear and fear of pain can reduce the will to move. Sometimes it will take months or even to be in shape, but the main thing is to make progress. Even slowly.

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