Back-up Sens McKenna is a high position in the loss of OT to Bruins


Bruins 2, Senators 1 (OT)

Mike McKenna staged the show for the Ottawa Seanators Sunday.

He also helped Senators make the point.

Directly managed by McKenna's 42-saving achievement, possibly the Senators did not get a point in his / her first place when the club made a 2-1 decision over time to Boston Bruins in front of 13,148 at the Canadian Territorial Center.

Torey Krug won a pre-season winner at 3:07 p.m. The effect of Bruins on his & her; lost McKenna had never had access. Although McKenna did not just visit Brad Marchand in control, Mark Stone responded for Senators against Tuukka Rask.

Michael McKenna will save a barrier in his & # 39; The first time of a NHL hockey activity in Ottawa on Sunday.

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"It was good. We always see it all the time and we can not ask it more," said Colin White, who founded Stone's sole goal.

Making sixth the only thing in the nickname since his call by Belleville from the American Hockey League, McKenna was strong. He gave the club a chance to win and that all Senators wanted their backup when they set out a rare break to No 1 Craig Anderson assistant.

The 14-4 targets for Boston were in the third time and that was when McKenna was so good; he was in his first home.

After that, Boston Stone has left Brad Marchand (63) on his & her; defeated by Mark Stone (61) on the right of Ottawa Senators in the third NHL hockey hockey in Ottawa on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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"I was feeling like myself and I felt how much I did a lot of work to make sure I was ready for that," said McKenna, who made a two- passport on Sean Kuraly in OT. "That's a credit to the goalie coach (Pierre Groulx) and my companions.

"This is probably the most (saved) in the NHL, but I have such games in other places to. I have been in the past sense. The fight was so hard tonight. It was a bit of a battle with the two teams who hit just a beautiful game. ; in my opinion. "

Coming over 2-1 over a period over the Saturday Penguins of Pittsburgh, both teams of the National Hockey League team were in backdrop situations. Bruins arrived until morning on Sunday morning after a 6-3 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafan at home.

The challenge was difficult for Senators. The club is playing without six regulators due to injury and Raonaid Guy Boucher's coach that Boston had been over Ottawa in the last 18 months.

Guy Boucher Coach

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Boucher was pleased that Senators walked away with three of the four points in both games.

"I thought we would be the players in general, if you're watching all the weekend, and showing it, many people did not think we would get one point in this weekend with big teams coming in, "said Boucher.

"Give up one goal but in the management of each game? I am very proud of our people. They gave everything they had. They are made up of them, Now there's nothing left in the tank. It was a huge team effort in every game and it was very close. "

Over 40 minutes, this was a hard battle with the targets from 27-23 a & # 39; leaving Boston and the score 1-1 attached. McKenna was similar to his work and did a good job while Rask was a coming in with stops as long as the Senators went to; Strive to make sure that this game was even.

Boston Bruins on the left is Brad Marchand (63) who analyzes Ottawa Senators to leaving Ryan Dzingel (18), in the third NHL hockey hockey in Ottawa on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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The Sets needed to play most of the second time by just five defendants after going to & # 39; giving 17 minutes in Ben Harpur in penalties for release their hands by Sean Kuraly in Boston.

The Bruins tied him to his power when Marchand fled home the eighth season at home at 7:49 from the second. Standing in the circle, he met McKenna on the side of the glass and b. That's the first thing with its & # 39; the club's benefit to him in four games.

The Senators were lead 1-0 after 20 minutes. Outshot 12-11 with the Bruins, McKenna was similar to the work that the Senators did not deliver a lot of scout opportunities. The first time ended with a 5-on-3 power game for Ottawa, but it did not; The club can be finished second.

Stone opened the scoring by providing a very good food from White, and # 39; hit Rask on the side of the stick at 12:51 of the first one. White appeared rapidly to help set up the untiring giant with the Bruins that was seized and Stone was easily screened on its face. 15th of the season.

"We are still making progress to find out where we want to work hard," said Senators Zack Smith. "We need to say that we are very quick here, but McKenna is good to come in here and he stood on his head for many of the savings and so it's good to know when doing We make mistakes your back. "

Colby Cave, the Boston Bruins center, is a climb to puck that is fly out on Ottawa Senators campaigners, Mike McKenna, on Sunday.

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The depths of the Seanators are tested.

Although Christian Jaros blueliner is listed as a daily victim of abuse, the club was also without an old defender, Dylan DeMelo, The trip may not have three games that start Dama's night against the Nashville Broochs.

DeMelo is outdoors with a high body rash that can be done in the & # 39; First time beat from Pittsburgh & Riley Sheahan. DeMelo finished the game but Erik Burgdoerfer had to remember the club on Sunday morning and was opposed to Bruins.

"I'd like to tell you that it's everyday, but we do not know if it's going on the trip. We'll see," said Boucher before the game. "He played, which is a character statement because he needed and he knew it, but now he gets a little worse.

"We need to make sure we take care of it."

The Senators leave Monday to open a three-game road trip in Nashville and after it's off, Boucher's game said DeMelo would not be on the road. The Analysts will be remembered on and forth by AHL user to & # 39; club in Belleville before leaving.

The defendants of Boston Bruins, Charlie McAvoy (73) and the weight of the Torey Krug team (47) focus on Ottawa Senators to & # 39; leaving Ryan Dzingel (18) when he arrives at his second NHL hockey campaign in Ottawa on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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DeMelo's loss is huge. Founded in the contract by Erik Karlsson to the San Jose Sharks in September, DeMelo has been a strong increase. He has been a strong defense partner for Thomas Chabot and is 18:53 minutes per game.

"It's been a great job. It's a good person, it's good to be around the room and it's pretty beautiful," said Boucher. "One of the people who make the environment better and so lose it, we hope there are too many games.

"This is another loss. We have very little loss here."

The club is already ahead of Matt Duchene, Bobby Ryan and Jean-Gabriel Pageau with Mark Borowiecki. He lost the ninth game only on Sunday and there is no timetable for his return.

When the water is there, it will hit the & # 39; case, especially after losing Duchene and Ryan on Thursday against the Habs.

"Without the NHL," said Boucher, "especially for protection. You think you have lots of protectors and, suddenly, they fall like flies. And you're losing people at their destination, it will make a big difference.

"We are fortunate to have Harpur and it was good to record with (GM) Pierre (Dorion) to insert (Justin) Falk. He's falling into In the right time and played it very well (Saturday). Harpur is getting better and better every day and helping us. We have enough people to do the job. "

In terms of Jaros, it may not be long and he could do the tour but to be later on a week.

"It's not a big thing but he can not play," said Boucher.

The Boston Bruins budget, Tuukka Rask, is about to see & # 39; gets a puck loose on the front of the net in the second NHL campaign against the Ottawa Senators on Sunday.

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McKenna did not defeat 4:21 out of the first, but made a good ghlove saving Matt Grzelcyk. McKenna was just the sixth in his club's web since his appointment to 31 October …

There were nine wings from nine different teams. There were representatives from Anaheim, Minnesota, Chicago, Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Los Angeles, Toronto and Philadelphia in the building. The holiday holiday referee is set for December 19 and has recently been upgrading business negotiations …

B & B privacy; in penalties for Harpur's institute to kill the second hand with Kuraly the second. "The entrant does not want me to understand how to call a instigator by returning back when the person comes after you," said Boucher. Boston 1-1 binded his power when Marchand burned him home …

He was convinced that the Ottawa bee was not happy with Marchand. fly after he binds …

Ryan Dzingel thought that Cody Ceci was uniquely suited and lost the net just by a few minutes left in the second. That may have been different.


Because so many players are expressed, there is no question that many are used in different roles. Boucher said the players could have the opportunity to accept the new roles. "I do not think anyone is happy when you get lost, but indeed some players can benefit," said Boucher. "Holding a lot of simpler responsibilities. Someone (Chris) Tierney needs to get out of his power now. He did good on that, but we need how bad it is to kill their punishment and get some ice there (Tierney). A similar man (Max) MacCormick gets in and is on wait a long time. "…

Defman Thomas Chabot 29:21 played as a result of the shortage of the route with DeMelo and Jaros. Tierney, built to the Duchene site, guides all advances in ice at 22:39.

Boston Bruins on the right is David Pastrnak (88) trying to do & # 39; making a route around Ottawa Senators, Cody Ceci (5) guardian at the first time of the NHL hockey in Ottawa on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

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Physical game

This turned into a chippy and Zack Smith is not scared to get rid of his nose in these types of games. Rug and Torey Krug, Boston writer, has been a huge wrestling behind the midway Bruins midway network. This is the kind of game that was.

Even the officers have a bit

Referee Chris Schlenker would have some attention from Dom Nicoletta's athlete curator at the end of the third place. After Ryan Dzingel hit Brad Marchand, he put Schlenker out at his knees. He continued in the game after the television took time.

Hard buyers

Ben Harpur released a seven minute memo to the second and Sean Kuraly sent out what he could not hear. Harpur Kuraly took twice and there was blood on the ice that had to be cleaned through the television for a long time.

Strong phone

The Senators had a 5-a-3 for a minute that began in the first time when Brad Marchand was sent out a penalty. He got Max Lajoie in the head and tried to & # 39; Chris Wagner's first call for cross-examination. The Generals can not benefit.

New partner

Le Dylan DeMelo and Christian Jaros on the line with injuries, which meant changes to the defensive parts. The story of Thomas Thomas was abducted by Harpur until he was given 17 minutes in penalties for his / her. demolish the calendars with Kuraly.

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