Bacteria in a virus can help with a & # 39; fight against climate change


NEW INITIATIVES: Viruses are not always killed by microbial visitors, saying researchers can find that bacteria may be infected. including virus thus helps in the fight against climate change.

The study showed that viruses are developing mutually beneficial relationships with their microbial guests. The virus is set inside its & # 39; microbes and, as a result, it gives protection to the host against similar viruses.

It is to understand its & # 39; This relationship benefits not just for medical research and practical applications but also in marine biology as well as climate change, said Alison Buchan, Professor of Tennessee University, Knoxville.

"Marine microbanks are particularly responsible for carrying out processes that are essential for all biogeochemical earth, including many who participate in climate change, "she said.

The great work of a vibrant community is largely determined by doing it – what microbes present and how many of them.

Inside the community, bacteria will compete together for facilities. In the course of this fight, some bacteria make antibiotics and use them against other types of bacteria. This type of interaction has been recognized for a long time.

But there is another battle strategy that scientists now think – bacteria could be a n; Using the viruses used as weapons against other types of microbes, Buchan explained during the annual meeting of the American Society for Science Publishing in Washington, DC.

"We have recently found that while they die, microbes can create new viruses that will then be used to attack their original invasion. This is a kind of attack that is not We've seen it before, "she said.

This type of competitive interaction, which Buchan said, is important to increase the numbers of microbioma in marine systems. This balance may be essential for bio-inflammatory processes, including many associated with climate change, Buchan noted.

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