Bad Bang Rial: what happened to her car


A fun evening that turned into a lovely love for Brunette and his sweetheart, Facundo Ambrosini. They took hold of their car when they enjoyed a game with a taxi in a port; middle and set the situation out of his future mother, who raised it with strong words.

"Chorros de m … they gave us a car, 1400 pesos more than a chin, what about it … They need to buy the sweet bread for Christmas, it seems," wrote it on Instagram long & # 39; as he was waiting for the & # 39; return his vehicle to the beach of transport to return to his room in Palermo.

Parking is one of the most common obstacles in the city of Buenos Aires and it's good to 1700 pesos.

In just four months, Morena and Facundo will welcome their first child. The name is still preserved, but as it has gone, to be "Jordi".

Look at his mail:

Rial will disrupt the tree workers.


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