Bad breath is affecting social life


Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said help has an adverse effect on social life.

Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu said help has an adverse effect on social life.

Dentist and Prosthesis Specialist Asst.Prof.Kagdas Kislaoglu, "A feeling that you need to close your mouth when you speak, to make a huge effort to be very close to humans and be warned If you are getting such situations, there may be problems with a sore breath. There is an ill-haired problem of around 25 per cent of our society with a situation , "he said.

The problem of halitosis caused by many of the factors is different than the problem that can be cured. Kislaoglu, "usually caused by the lack of oral care of bacteria, is a problem that is caused by the evil breath divided into two separate groups. Halitosis is defined as physical harshness after food or we woke up in the mouth. The bad breath is usually considered to be a symptom of the illness and is described as a genuine real breath. So it is important to abandon the problem and go to dentist to find out if it is continuous.

"A story can be behind the mouth."

New and weakest life in full life of Dr Dr. Kışlaoğlu, "Every moment moves and stresses at any time. Some of us can control weight, although we can not deal with stress. There is no pressure dangerous to many health problems. In addition, the person thinks their mouth is always smelling and they prefer to stay away from the people in business life and his social, to be disciplined "he said.

"There is bad breath in social relationships"

The new generation of social phobia is defined as a simple problem for some of the long-term ill-treatment that brings to other diseases and can affect the life of the psychological effects of Dr. Kışlaoğlu, "the most effective measurement in both is to be treated as normal and regular oral cleaning. There is an extremely bad problem left and forgotten only if you & # 39; think it affects your health as a great discomfort because there is a bad smell from your social relationship to your two-dimensional relationships In the context, the impact Her negative, signature smell, which is even frightening enough to think about the effects of bad smell from the mouth while a good smell and a positive impact on humans. It is a big problem between couples who can divide by breaking the relationship between the spouses and also because they block the close work of people in the work environment. First, he should win enjoy social and business success. Positive gum disease and dental caries should be treated. Mouth diseases should be buried, tough teeth should be pulled back. Then bureaucracy and dental cleansing should be taken more responsibly ".

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