Badji iin Galatasaray & # 39; Warning & Cleaning


Soldier's name Galatasaray He loves to wear Djurgarden's ways Aliou Badji A great deal came from arpc to stalking.

journalist and football analysis Magnus sterbergAliou Badji said that Djurgarden would not charge around 4.3 million euros.

Magnus sterberg analyzes blood and her & her; Galatasaray claim when Djurgarden wants Badji for at least 4.3 million jeraries. Nobody can say that Badji is a player ready. Michael Olunga has such a development but we did not add it to Michael Olunga. Badji is definitely better than Olunga. These medals are OK. It can scam, but we can not tell if he is talented. When Olunga was in Djuargarden, everyone saw what she would do. Badji u an abartlyor & # 39;And he said.

& # 39; & # 39; QUALITY BR GALATASARAY N YETERL M? & # 39; & # 39;

Sterberg Katld speaks of a television program Are Badji good for Rennes or Galatasaray? & # 39; a question "It's hard to say. If you complete the goals, you can play in any league but Badji is a loop that you can play all the time. There may be water in the treatment No, but it's hard to know in Turkey. Turkey can be more lighter than France. In Ligue 1, the defenders are ok, a league based on a fias. B & Turkey could be the best one. Still Badji to query & # 39; & # 39; he said.

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