Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibi football player was sent by Thailand authorities


Achieved Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibi football player arrives at a crime court in Bangkok, Thailand.


Achieved Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibi football player arrives at a crime court in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hakeem al-Araibi's exile football will be liberated from his private cell and allowed him to return home to Australia.

It is a great surprise and those who give delight to thousands of people who have helped him to try to move Arabs to freedom, rather than being brought out to the country he was born, Bahrain.

Araibi lawyer confirmed, Nadthasiri Bergman, don Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that Araibi would be released.

It is expected that it will be released immediately and may be on a journey home as early as Monday night.

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Araibi was expected to return to the court on 22nd April but the Thai Attorney Office's office in Bahrain stated that Bahrain had asked her; to retire.

Director of the department's international affairs department, Chatchom Akapin, reported that a criminal court against a Araiban opposition against NZT Monday night.

Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibiwill will go home to Australia on Monday.

Sakchai Lalit

Bahraini Hakeem al-Araibiwill will go home to Australia on Monday.

We told BBC Thai that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knew that Bahrain wanted to release its case, but he did not know why.

The distribution is coming day after meeting with the Thai Minister for Foreign Affairs Don Pramudwinai with his / her. Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Prince of Fronts, in Bahrain's capital city on Manama Sunday.

Araibi was held under the control of Thai authorities on November 27 when he reached Bangkok for a week's pneumonia with his wife.

An interpol Red message was issued for the capture of Araibi by Bahrain, but the caution should not be issued as refugees can not be returned to the country since their escape.

Bahrain was sought off as he says he was involved in damaging police stations in 2012. He was convicted in the independence of crime, but he He always maintained his faithfulness and said he was in a position; played in a football game broadcast live on Bahrain TV to about 30 minutes before the event.

Araibi fled to Australia in 2014, a refugee status was issued in 2017 and is playing for Pascoe Vale FC in Melbourne.

He has talked about his love in Australia and that fear has been returned to Bahrain, where he is said he could be tortured.

His previous captain, Craig Foster, who has helped to say, Guidelines for the freedom of Araibi, on Twitter "I thank the amazing people of Thailand for your support and the Scottish Government for maintaining international law for what is right".

Co-ordinator of the Asia, Pacific, European Refugee Rights program co-ordinator, who regularly visited Araibi in the jail, said the news was very successful.

"We welcome the spread of Hakeem, it should never have been retained. We are happy to return to Australia," he said.

Fatima Yazbek, the speaker for the Institute of Chemistry for Human Democracy and Human Rights and other support for Araibi, said, "this means that humanity is winning, Hakeem is innocent, he did not He did nothing and the fight is to safely get home safely ".

"We thank all those involved in this fight, every community in Australia, to thank you for your support," she said.

The Australian Football Federation (FFA) welcomed news that Hakeem al-Araibi football will be returned safely to Australia.

FFA Chairman Chris Nikou thanked the football community for his support. "Thailand and Bahrain governments are very grateful to give Hakeem the opportunity to return to Australia," said Nikou.

"We saw our community come together in an amazing way over the last few months to campaign to allow Hakeem to be released.

"The football family is looking forward to welcoming Hakeem's home and its continued support for a long time."

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