Baidu has been trying to build a cat AI shelter to & # 39; cares for Strays


Among the newspapers about dyomsopia situations and a large audience experience, it can be easy to avoid that AI and face-to-face identification can be made to positive uses in some situations. Breastfeeding case: Chinese internet point Baidu had created an AI cat shelter.

The shelter, which comes in with toys, regular invitations of food and water, and warm places to sleep, and including marine facial recognition for giving an opportunity. He can also explore his guests for a variety of diseases and evaluate whether or not the alteration was changed. If it indicates a sick cat, a message will be sent to a nearby voluntary group that looks after hidden animals and the help they need.

baidu cat shelterThe project was set up by Baidu Wan Xi's employee after a small cat had to shelter under his car in the last winter. After taking the cat to the masters, he agreed to go to # 39; using its technological information to help improve the setting for other streams.

Baidu's development is a special place for the northern number of Chinese cats, with sub-zero temperatures and the problem of getting food Dongbei News to estimate that only 4 out of 10 cats grow during the winter in the northern eastern areas of the country. And you do not need 猫 ximao (literally "inhale cats"; Chinese slang term that loves love for felines to drug legacy) to be aboard Baidu's intention to help change these statistics.

But it's enough text – draw on the foolish cat / gifs pics:

a cat sheltered face face baiduai cat shelter china baiduEvery picture from Baidu Baijiahao.

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