Baile Rawa Buaya Chief, Citizens of Betta Fish, to turn off the Mosquito slopes distributing DHF


Reporter News Report City, Joko Supriyanto

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Several regional attempts are attempting to prevent the spread of dengue fever (DHF).

As well as creating jumantik, Safwan Busty, Rawa Buaya Village Head, asked his citizens to keep larvae predators as a betta fish.

"We also continue to appeal to residents to keep larvae raiders in ponds such as fish betta and lavender plant, lemongrass, etc. They do not like mosquitoes , "said Safwan, Sunday (10/2/2019).

In addition, it is distributed to residents to take part and take an active part in eliminating mosque larvae with 4 M Plus.

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He also attacked the Jumantik areas to monitor homes of favorable residents named by red.

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In addition to mobile services every Friday with ambulance cards and motor cards (germor) giving warning warnings about DHF.

"We have also taken the roof of powder for residents to scrape in the reservoirs to kill mosquitoes, and co-ordination with puskesmas to make fogging," he said.

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