Baker Mayfield's award of Brown head coach work is an attractive place


Baker Mayfield threw four times in the wins of Cleveland over the Bengals Sunday, and now nine opponents have only one control in the three games since Hue Jackson was shot as a major coach of Brunswick. (Frank Victores / AP)

The Cleveland Browns will be choosing a new coach at the end of the season, but first they need to select a new coach. There are only 32 NFL leadership roles, so any time will open that it is likely to be very bad. Even with a scarce shortage, as the Browns know from a recent experience, there are striking steps. The Browns are far from the same team that employs a new coach, so that they are elected, licensing must be raped in truck on the land sold to the applicant their favorite.

When they make a & # 39; The Browns have to start again playing a baker quarterok long ago after the old coach Hue Jackson. The first is the first one; left the first time; left the first time, and got to know the height (which included unprecedented striping of Unique brushes in the first appearance) and enough (20 sacks, six sights in 78.9 fourth quarter) in the six games he played under Jackson. In the three games since Mayfield showed its full potential and did Cleveland – not, in fact, Cleveland – a desirable coach destination.

Mayfield na Browns moved to 35-20 victory in Cincinnati over the Bengals on Sunday, which impacted on eight games as the start of the Browns. A & # 39; Browns' first quarterback that started three seasonal benefits from Brian Hoyer in 2014. Afterwards, Mayfield talked about how the experience made it more comfortable. But he also made clear that Cleveland's best performing efforts were, in part, to the coach change.

"We have the same players," said Mayfield at a postmame news conference. "We needed to play better. You can put your own spinning. Our people are the ones we believe in playing the pictures- play now. "

In the past three games, after Jackson, and Todd Haley's attack co-ordinator was refused and Freddie Kitchens became a career convener, Mayfield has completed 73.9 per cent of its routes for 771 yards and nine touchdowns, throwing only a break and a & # 39; Just doubling Cleveland's two pockets in these three games are the challenging Cleveland, who stand among the best legs of the league. However, Mayfield has proved that it is only possible, but a star that can be the most important in sport.

Many can not be decided from a three-game sample, but it's probably three games that are the best and most interesting of the NFLs that are the most. judging Mayfield. Mayfield was still in circus in the first half of the season as big as it was; NFL crime run.

After Sunday's victory, Mayfield marched to the middle of the park and met with Jackson, who has been involved in Cincinnati staff as a defense coach. Jackson should be aware of Brown's strengths and weaknesses better than anyone, but the Cincinnati protection support did not progress; Mayfield threw four turntables. When Jackson tried to accept his & # 39; Previously, his / her previous platform did not give a & # 39; stainless steel but forth a swing.

"He said a good job, a good game," said Mayfield. "It was short. I did not feel like talking."

Brushed again, Mayfield clarified that the one who held the short exchange.

"He left Cleveland, going down to Cincinnati," said Mayfield. "It was someone in our chat room, trying to play for, and then go to a team that we play twice a year. Everyone can Spinning it, but that's how I'm feeling. "

Mayfield had a reason that they would stay at a distance. Jackson and Haley were trying all the season, and # 39; Getting involved in fighting a power about what's called plays, which gave credit and who was blamed. It was a frightening issue about Mayfield's talent and it was a danger to improving it. The early signs are under the interim coach of Gregg Williams – a long-term non-expert long-term protection coach that will help Mayfield in today's game – show that Mayfield has been uncovered from illness without be protected.

For coaches that may be, that should be doing attractive work for Cleveland, perhaps the most engaging work available. The opportunity to work with Mayfield, a special talent with moxie with respect and mind for today's crime, would have to enjoy itself.

The Browns also have a pair of protective protection blocks in the protection boundary of Myles Garrett and Ward Denzel at the back, The first and fourth overall elections are in the last two separate versions. Rookie Nick Chubb will be something hard and sensitive to running back, and widespread & It's a Pro Bowler that is Jarvis Land, who would love your star for another. Brown's talent, especially in defense, legit.

If the roster is the same idea, Cleveland may be the most attractive destination of the # 39; Work related to any one that may be available. Packers would be another opponent if Mike McCarthy did not have a bad deal. live in Green Bay. Coaches to climb over hot coal for Aaron Rodgers' coach. But the Browns may have a better talent, and Mayfield is a big while long & Rodgers is 30 years.

But the Packs are one of the legs of a legendary league, a model that is despite their small market. Browns' work will be sad when their focus is & # 39; move away from the field. The owner Jimmy Haslam has not kept track of any business but turned, disrupted and lost during his six years at the helm. At any time, you need a almanac to find out who is running the football work. John Dorsey, the chief executive who built many of the collisions involved in the Super Bowl of the Chief, before losing their work and, coming to the Browns, make the face office steady.

The Browns need to ensure that they are capable of running a talented body. But many sales should not be done. It is the first thing that a coach needs to be in quarterback, and one of them is at Cleveland. The Browns do not have to make their next coach to put their belief in a future unknown. There is a confirmation now, in the form of Baker Mayfield.

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