Bakersfield Comic-Con honors Stan Lee's late



Superheroes, revenge and fans of the comic world gave a prize to the late creator Marvel Comic, Stan Lee at the 11th Annual Bakersfield Comic-Con.

"Not much of this would be there without," said Steve Wyatt, Bakersfield Comic-Con promoter. "I mean you're watching some of the animations, some of the art, some of the toys that are out [here], well started off. "

"He encouraged the next generation of writers, artists to read and write that product, and I want to do that too & # 39; and keep it & # 39; go, "said Wyatt.

Lee also spoke to Wyatt to bring the Comic-Con to Bakersfield.

"It's a funny geek that I've been, I've been doing comics since I was seven years oldThe fact is that there are many people who miss it, just just geeksan and nerds typed, and it's just a & # 39; bringing out sport, "said Wyatt.

There were comic creators, concerts, dress competitions and their encounters and their. Many famous people welcome from the funny world. Most importantly, the comics that all started.

"This is the material from the 50s, 60s, 70s This is the product that started the Galaxy Guardians. You'll get a first Marvel Hero copy and take it wherever it was, "said Wyatt.

And as fans looked back at the beginning of everything, they let candles and they said well to the man who made their fantasies.

"It's just how much it has brought to our world. He did all this," said Wyatt.

The Bakersfield Comic-Con will continue to Sunday at 5 p.m. They also have a children's dress competition.

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