Balance from Google Pixelbook's favorites' Atlas & # 39; [Video]


In the course of preparation for last year's hardware event, we distributed the top three complaints to include the Google Developer Toolkit for 2018. of these, "Nocturne" and the previous one, "Meowth", Calculated by the Pixel Slate, leaving "Atlas" without explanation. Discovering the new Google history that stole hardware, it was only a matter of time before Atlas himself appeared. It's time to come, like two hits to which there had been Atlas Chromebook featured, giving the first glimpse of what might be next thing. was created by laptop with Google.

The Atlas will arrive today with permission About Chromebooks and Brandon Lall, who says it has found the videos inside the Chromium Bug Tracker, which have been a reliable source for these types of clothes. t Although the videos are likely to have been downloaded from the bug-searching tool or are privately owned, they were originally saved for our enjoyment.

In our research last year, we were confident that the future of Atlas was made by Google because it was built by the same producer as the Pixelbook (Quanta Corp) and was said to have been a “Closely tied” to the Pixelbook. Our searches are from the released videos that look different from the Pixel brand because we've seen so far, which could ask the question about Atlas from Made Google.

In this first video we find that Atlas may be a traditional Chromebook style. Judging from where it was, it doesn't seem to be any kind that could be changed like the Pixelbook. I think this is sensible for Google, because if you could change this tool, it would just be competing with the Pixel Slate, pushing it out of the market. .

The bezels above and below are still thick, but the ratio is a new 16: 9 feature that is a change from Pixel paste. Although the quality of the video is made impossible to know about it, my amazing relationship with the 4K Lenovo Yoga Chromebook tells me that Atlas's 4K appearance is, as we hoped, seemed to be. .

Under the loop, we can see clearly that the tool is marked by the owner of “ProductName”. Printing on the machine is a machine long outside as Google usually treats branding on their large devices. Usually the most important branding in Pixel is that the logo “G” is there.

Working on the way down, we can see that atlases of atlases form an integral part of what is found on the Pixelbook, with the exception of the hamburger key which was fitted there. with a power key.

The second video gives us a lot less time to work with, as the bug on these videos is designed to display the presentation. Fortunately, it provides a closer look at the three highest rows of the keyboard. The keys themselves are interesting addition from both Pixelbook and Pixel Slate which are of a pale color very different from black atlas. However, we cannot make too many decisions about these colors. The previous owner of “ProductName” notes clearly that this Atlas device is not a definitive design.

Overall, if these clothes are right, I start making sure that Atlas is indeed in the Pixel line of Chromebooks, because none of the effects are recognized in the Pixel device the device that is visible. Hopefully, Google will make great changes between now and starting.

What do you think? Having seen those lenses, do you still believe that Atlas is the next thing Made by Google Chromebook? Buy “Pixelbook?” Can't you change? Tell us what you think.

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