Ball-basket 'Delfi & 39'; Wednesday – Liepaja & Struggle for quarterly Latvian Championships


On Wednesday, 13 March, it is planned to make five games for the OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Estonian Basketball League, but in a medium day match in Liepāja, there may be a player in a well-known Latvian Competition Contest. .

At 7:30 pm "Liepaja" will take "Kalev / TLU" in its field, but simultaneously, "VEF Rīga" will start a duel against "Valmiera glass / ViA". The game from Liepaja will be played on the door "Delfi". While at Riga, readers of the "Delfi" port, as well as interactive TV viewers "Helio", "Terrestrial TV" and "Shortcut", will be looking in Riga.

On Wednesday, at 19:00, "Ulikool" – "University of Latvia" and "AVIS Utilitas Rapla" – "Kalev / Cramo" starts playing "TALTECH" – "Jēkabpils /".

"Tartu Ulikool" (12-12) – "University of Latvia" (8-16)

The Tartu team are fighting for 6th place. The University of Latvia has, in fact, ensured that it should be playing in a Latvian Competition Competition, but is only successful in its success.

"Tartu Ulikool" after three successes on Saturday without playing with the Pärnu team (52:68). Help one of Arn Velichk's top 19.2 and 5.5 top players and Kregor Hermet 15.6 + 5.7 rebounds, Julius Kazakauskam 14.7 + 8.3.

The final time for "Latvian University" – three prizes in four games, was the fourth for "Ogri" (67:62) and "TALTECH" (78:76). In the final game, the Linards Jaunzems (18.9 + 7.7 p.) Were great, and Renārs Birkāns (13m9 + 5.2 packs) featured in important moments.

"AVIS Utilitas Rapla" (12-13) – "Kalev / Cramo" (21-2)

The Rapla team are fighting for the right to play in the seasonal games, and the Tallin can still move up 3rd.

"VEF Riga" (24-2) – "Valmiera Glass VIA" (7-18)

Victims of benefit are found closer to the second place in the main competition. The Valmiera team must defend a team of Latvian teams in six.

Not only did the “VEF Rīga” team of 12 influences in the OlyBet Latvia – Estonia League, he won five successes in the recent VTB games in the United States. Due to injury, circulation is not sporadic, but functions are split, at least 6-7 basket players making a strong impact, and the team model has no weak spots. Marek Mejer 12.7 + 5.5 rebounds, Steve Zek 11.8 + 7.8, Glen Kouze 11.8 + 6 passes.

The "Valmiera Glass VIA" team has been losing four mutations, at least three quarters of a time, but losing strength and quality in the finish line. Two distinguished leaders: John Kaufmann (20.2) and Edmunds Elksnis (past 13.9 + 4.5).

BK "Liepaja" (5-19) – "Kalev / TLU" (11-14)

Most important game of the day. The last chance for Liepaja to enter the Latvian Championships. The effect will affect standing in the register next to Valmiera, but in the collaborative games "Liepāja" there is considerable control. In recent games, Ventspils and Kalev / Cramo have to meet – it will be harder to win. The "Kalev / TLU" must be influenced to fight for the right to be played in the League's finals.

In the last six games, Liepaja only won two trophies and Saturday's success was only successful in the success of Ogre (75:93). During the season, Jason Johnson (21.2) was the most successful team in the league and Andras Kavaša (17 + 5.3) came in for the final game.

Reduce the "Kalev / TLU" after the start of the season (the balances of years 9-6) were great in distance, falling from the first eight. In February, five losses were lost, the last being halfway from the feeling – "Kalev / Cramo" 92:93, and in the last half was "6-point" at the end little Kalev ". On Saturday, the impact in Valga (90:78) improved access to the seasons. The main responsibilities of readers were: Tyler Stafford (15.3), Ronald McGee (14.5), Damaruss Herison (11.5).

"TALTECH" (14-10) – "Jēkabpils /" (2-24)

However, at least five places are affected by the Tallinn team and they make the chance to do step 4. J cankabpils can't climb higher now in the table, but for new players, each game becomes familiar and confident.

The four teams won "TALTECH" on Sundays at Riga, playing with "Latvian University". However, the team leader Thomas Radi (17.9 + 5.8 rebounds) was recognized for the second time in the season as a member of the OlyBet Latvian-Estonian league. Jan Puidetam 12.8 + 7 atl. + 5.3.

The Jekabpils directors were the Leons Gilmors (14.8 + 7.3 rebounds) and Edgars Schlermher (8.6).

This season, Delfi offers live coverage of the OlyBet Latvian-Estonian Basketball League games. Having broadcast the games, the full record of games matches and games of the games will be found in a special section of the new league created by Delfi!

The eight highest teams will take place in the main Latvian-Estonian Event for the Prohibition Event. The quarter finals (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5) are registered for 27 March and 30 March, and the winners will be recorded in a two-game match (first match) t At the bottom of the team with the lowest level, the winners will compete in the 4 th final, which will be held on 5 and 6 April.

Six teams from Latvia will be taking part in the Latvian Prohibition Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship which is based on the findings of the Latvian-Latvian LalyBet Main Event. In the semi-finals (3-6, 4-5) and the semi-finals (1-4 or 5, 2 – 3 or 6), as well as the "bronze trophies", the game will be held in the final. T a series of up to 3 prizes in the finals for the warden's title – up to 4 winners.

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