BALL – NASA says the first person on Mars will be the "woman" (Star)


The first one to land on Mars is probably a woman. Who says that Jim Bridenstine, the US Space Agency's administrator (NASA), is in an interview with the radio program Science Friday, which specializes in science and technology.

Statements made by CNN's television station, it was not specifically named by the leader of the US space agency, saying that women are now ahead of the company's plans.

Ask through Twitter with a listener who wanted to find out if women were coming in a moon mission in the future, Bridenstine replied: "Indeed!"

And then he added to him that the next person should be standing on the moon to be a woman.

At the end of this month, NASA will have a team of absolutely female astronauts on a space trip.

According to the NASA figures, at present the woman is making up 34% of the astronomers at the space agency.

“NASA is very keen to ensure that it brings together a wide and wide range of talent and we look forward to seeing the first lady on the moon,” Bridenstine ended.

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