Ball Number 9: Ba Ria


According to a report by the National Center for Meteorology and Hydrology, tropical dementia has entered South China, the ability of the evening and night (22/11) can be ruined and to be the nine storms of the year. The low weight that affects 9 provinces and cities in the & # 39; south end – from Quang Nam province to BR-VT and 5 areas in the center of the Highlands.

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The ways to catch the fish have come ashore.

To prevent him and his fight against tropical depression – typhoon No. 9, Ba Ria – the Vung Tau division has been in & # 39; management of the local areas and active areas to actively address natural disasters.

From morning today, there are almost 3,300 boats on shore with over 15,300 fishermen. There are more than 3,150 vehicles in the port, and in Kien Giang, Ca Mau and Ben Tre, there are almost 120 fishing vessels with 801 anglers safely. At this continent port, there are more than 730 vessels in the acres that you have anchored to avoid shelter.

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Armed fishing boats are rapidly landing.

From this afternoon, more than 2,600 vessels with more than 17,200 Ba Ria Vung Tau fishermen are working on the sea and they will be told about a & # 39; move away from the danger zone; The ships will be notified regularly for information about the storm and they have a safe shelter.

Mr Tran Van Cuong – Vice President of the Ba Ria Vung Disaster and Finding and Rescue Management Committee said: "In terms of a sustainable organization, we also manage shipping account at sea, The first information about tropical depression is changed to storms affecting the sea Ba Ria Vung Tau. In terms of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, aiming to guide and review the options for lochs manage so that they can affect low effects in torches. "


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Hundreds of landed fishing boats in BRVT are kept safely to land.

Up to this morning 22/11, Ria Vung Tau's district is not mentioned that there is a ban on the # sea ​​on vehicles, which are now being predicted, based on the prospect of the low stress, the authorities have a pipeline of official media for media owners.

"According to the environmental prejudice, a low-weight impact to Binh Thuan. At BRVT, today or tomorrow (23 November), the Regional Board cooperates with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to advise The Departmental People's Committee on the most important era of the sea, "Lieutenant Colonel Tran Ngoc Tang, staff room, Ba Ria Vung Tau border guard.

Looking at the hydro-meteorological center, when the tropical dementia is a? strengthened to Àir. 9 per annum, three areas on the shore of Binh Chau, Bung Rieng and Phuoc Thuan de Xuyen Moc in the Ba Ria Vung Tau division. Directly affected by the storm. This afternoon, Xuyen Moc district will put the plan into action to prevent low pressure to be strong in a storm.

Luu Son / VOV-HCMC

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