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Media News Association / NOWnews

(Wang Chaoyu Press Group Reporter, Xinbei City, 22nd) When Liao was doing food at night's market last night, he was dissatisfied with the fact that Li Zhongbao, who was a City councilor of New Taipei, hindered him. Liao Nan said he did not know Li Zhongbao, and there was no hatred on both sides. It was very exciting. After the police, he was sent to the law in accordance with the injured crime.

When Li Zhongbao went to the night market of Yushu 2nd Road in the Yuzhan district at 7 o'clock in the evening, the person called Liao was called " to worry it. Liao Nan went on and hit Li Zhongbao, and was immediately stopped by an assistant. He shouted "What did you do?" Liao Nan turned off and left. Li Zhongbao suffered a tragedy on his left and left shoulder. After the wound, he went to a branch to report the wound. The process was also done with the helper to upload it to the "Black Giant Enterprise" Facebook Society.

After the incident, the police station created an ad hoc group and informed Liao Nan for explanation within two and a half hours. Liao Nan, who is 23 years old, said his homework shop was opened during the week, due to a family name in Taipei, which has no voting rights, and he does not Providing support or support for a particular political party, or not so strong.

Liao Nan told the police that he had been working at a stack of steak often in the night market after work. He disturbed the mine unhappy, and was very physically and mentally.

The police said that Liao Nan was attacked by a political group, band or other candidate. There is no doubt at this time. Since Li Zhongbao did not bid again for a defense, but based on the candidate's personal safety, the police station has taken the campaign to spread and defend. (Editor: Fang Peiqing) 1071122

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