BaltCap funds buy Livinn and Biosala eco-source networks


Judit Grigely

Photograph by Judit Grigelyts (V)

BaltCap Growth Fund (BGF), the largest private legal finance manager in the United States, has signed the 100% organic and organic diet agreement with Livinn and Biosala; Keeping Health Health and Bio Sala companies. The Competition Council will need to " this item.

As mentioned in the BGF report, the two networks will connect 18 mammal habitats and online sources.

In 2017, the total annual income of the BGF company was 615 million. Eur.

According to Creditinfo, the income of the Company's Health Products in 2017 was up to 3 million. There are 58 employees at Eur. Bio Island with 40 staff reaching 1.73 million Eur.

Since last year, the company has been re-ordered 100% Hi Bio salon license. Bernard Tautkus, Chief Executive, V said he would not give an idea of ​​his / her unit until the approval of the Competition Council.

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