"Bam" was set up by Savvides – Football – Super League – Π.Α.Ο.Ο.


PAOK is interested in Dimitris Kourbeli and Yiannis Bouzouki, who is one of the actors this year has won in Panathinaikos.

However, Live Sport today unveils the mystery secrets of the Savvides family for "big" names during summer transcriptions.

In particular, the article says:Savvides goes for a big “bam” for a player who doesn't think anyone can get it, but when the time of movement comes it will take the “packets” to take to Tumba. We don't talk about Bouzouki or Kourbeli, we are talking about a big name identified, this is the first conversation with his agent and will then lead with Ivan Savvides, because his The first one was by Mario Branco»!

And it says a few days later that he will be given a name that makes sense.

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