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Speaking to the website, the General Executive for Sport and Physical Education – Mr Vuong Bich Thang – says the penalty that the referee hit the referee. "We decided to stop playing two players with Le Phuoc Thang, Le Van Do. They both went home and could not compete at the National Sports Festival of 2018."

Mr Wang Bich Thang said: "This is the original penalty for Phuoc Thang and Van Do. These two players can take heavy control measures from the Can Tho Basketball Alliance. We will work with the local authorities to give tough penalties and education to other players. "

On the afternoon of November 17, in the game between Can Tho Basketball and Thuan Bin within the 2018 National Sports Fair match A very ugly image when two players of Phuoc Thang and Van Do were the attacker referee Le Hoang Thong. Videotape of the game: From the situation Van Diem hit his wall just to the floor and got technical errors from the referee, he is angry; punch Mr Hoang Thong. The next time, Phuoc Thang went on to throw the ball at the referee, and then Mr. Huang Thong paid to the board of advertising. As the referee was lying down on the floor, Phuoc Thang and Van Do followed her; attacks an aggressive attack on Hoang Thong.

In response to, Wang Bich Wong General Director laments the event: "The situation seemed unlikely, but both players have been bored to continue to Over the years, the Vietnamese Basketball Association has made efforts to build a professional image and most of the country's basketball is around the country. Events of Phuoc Thang and Van Do have had a huge impact on them.

At this morning meeting, we reminded all stakeholders, asking all the work to be done so that they did not have bad images at all; Congress, "he said.

Phuoc Thang and Van Do have two professional basketball players in Vietnam. Before they went to the Can Tho club, they played both for VBA clubs such as Cantho Catfish and Danang Dragons. Phuoc Thang, he was honored to stand in the Vietnam team series for SEA Games 29./. (Source:

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