Banco Serfinanza expects to reach 1.5 million people


Offering routine account services, savings account, coordinated credit card, savings plan, money orders and CDT, the Serfinanza bank will start work on all its forms from April 1 this.

The only bank in the Caribbean Coast, which used to be the Serfinansa funding agency, is 1.5 million clients looking for work in its first three years of operation.

It was also the only one in Barranquilla, after 59 years ago, in 1960, to find Bano Comercial de Barranquilla.

The bank's president, Gian Piero Celia, passed yesterday in Barranquilla to the new name of the group and the news of the transformation which was approved by the Colombian Financial Regulator.

“In December we received the change and operation, on 5 February we made the change we make and on 1 April we will offer the full package and the public image will be introduced, as a gradual process. said the executive, to get new products and services, ”said the executive. .

The Serfinanza bank has 21 offices nationwide and 76 centers located in Olympic centers. The 371 stores of brand in Colombia, with over 4000 human investors, make up the customer service network.

The bank also agreed with Servibanca for their ATM network to be used for debt card transactions. In the Olympic centers there are 136 ATMs and it is intended to place an additional 10 ATMs in the bank offices.

Celia said that one of the central benefits of the bank is that it is based on the Caribbean Coast and aims to achieve financial inclusion, in both central and lower valleys, in t half of SMEs. Of the total credits, 60% spend it and 40% are for companies.

“From the 25 banks that work in Colombia, we will probably be like the 17, although we're new, we're in the middle of the list,” said Celia.

He also noted changes to the website and the launch of a moving request for conversation.

A closing of 2018. Celia said the unit had a good balance in 2018, because it closed with a 1.4 billion pesos pack, growing 19.6% compared to the On the previous year, the figure is just over. market growth for 8.8% for banks and the financial sector of 9.2%.

Net profits reached 25,347 million pesos, with a growth of 5.5% compared to 2017, that is, about 1,315 million more pesos.

The bank's president said 60% of its clients are natural and 800,000 people own the credit card.

These are the eighth publisher of cards in Colombia with 720,000 operating cards from December 2018. Suddenly, credit cards make up 75% of the bank's customer pack.

Bank finance VP, Patricia Abudinen, explained that, as part of the commercial strategy, the bank plans to make sales with card buyers by giving them the new packaging materials.

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