Banfield: Nicolás Bertolo gave details of his fight with Julio Falcioni


Nicolás Bertolo returned to training with her first Banfield team after the death of Julio César Falcioni after her fight; and gave information about what happened for the first time.

"Unfortunately, I had an argument with Julio and I could not continue the habitat because of the events that happened, I had a bad weather, I had a good relationship with Julio and the fact that I had a & # 39; I'm very hard for a fight, "said Bertolo.

"There is nothing against me, and certainly not against me, he has to make decisions and he thought the right person was to leave out of her & # 39; and I accepted them as I thought it was the best thing for their organization and institution, "he said. directional wheel.

"We are disturbing ourselves, there may be a talk to us that it was not clear, we'll go over the smallest and sit down for coffee." A & # 39; I love him and I know he's love for me too. cross to end, it is very difficult to go back ", the old Boca and River closed.

Now, with Hernán Crespo as El Taladro's new coach, he was once again part of the Primera team. He has two and a half years of his contract and wants to resign his position at Banfield.

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