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29 Eviction from the Clearances, pick up merchandise at auction

<img class = "jwMediaContent image aligncenter" title = "BIWTA will leave the illegal structures of Turaishi yesterday, in the region of Panchavati of Savar. Image: Prothom Alo" alt = "BEAUFET structures leave illegal of Turaishi yesterday, in the region of Panchavati of Savar. Photo: Prothom Alo "itemprop =" picture "data-jadewitsmedia =" status & '', 'success', '' & ':' 1430575 ',' ext ':' jpg ',' thumb '&' '&' '' / paloimages.prothom 'c5e73645973e518c793126f-5cadabd021e25.jpg My name is unknown: in the Panchavati de part of Savar, illegal settlement of the BAUTA and of Iraqi. '' Caption ',' pushClass ',' jwMediaContent '' s type: Your image 's widget' '' '' '' '' '' # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # 9, altaircenter,; '' 450, 'Connected': '', 'target': '' & '' '' '' 39: 'Illegal structures evicted from Turaishi BIWTA yesterday, in the Panchavati de Savar area. Photo: Prothom Alo, 'article', BIWTA left the illegal settlement of Turagiri. Yesterday, in the Panchavati de Savar area. Photo: Prothom-alo # 39 = "width =" 644 "src =" -5dadabd021e25.jpg "On Tuesday, Tuesday on the banks of the Turag, the inland water transport authority (BIWTA) has blocked out illegal blocks of two leisure centers, and 29 major centers and venues. As a result, two small acres of land were withdrawn from their jobs yesterday, and as a result two acres of land were reclaimed.

The work has been carried out on two sides of the Turag region in Savar upazila in the area Birulia Bridge and Panchabati. BIWTA is 1 million 18 sold in the taka, the stones caught in the journey, sand and auction auction. In addition, a company was presented with a lakh single bark company to fill the property.

The work started from east of Birulia Bridge on Wednesday morning. Tex Europa BD Lee is there to fill the marshes in the River Turag. One roches lakh will be named as an institution with its name. After that, some of the sand solutions were felled and knocked down. Inappropriate parts of World Recreation World were then demolished on either side of the River Turag. Work began at 2pm on the radix concrete manufacturing plant. The company 's NDE, the company' s comparison and stone engine, was broken.

Earlier, most of the evicted buildings were from Burgundy and Residential Burgesses but usually b.

Deputy director of BIWTA Rezaul Karim The first LightWho said 29 missions were canceled, including two stormy buildings and 11 puck buildings, 10 tin houses.

During the course of its work, the BIWTA co-director and a habitat control officer in the Aka River, Arif Uddin, told reporters that all the illegal structures will be stamped. Having worked in the rest of Turag, the walls are carried out on two banks of Balu.

BIWTA does work from the last week of January to produce illegal structures on river side banks from Dhaka. Between 29 January and 20 February (first three days a week) on the banks of the Buriganga River, followed by a second tour from 5 March to 29 March. In the first and second rounds, two thousand 842 locations were removed. Getting 61 acres of land back.

Yesterday, the BIWTA started a third phase of work on the riverbank.

The official of BEAF Arif Uddin said 12 actions were carried out every month. However, it may be possible to run 15 working days in the third phase.

Million Taka goods goods auction

The stones, sand and fire extinguisher that were caught on tour yesterday were sold at an estimated Tk 18.18 million cost.

BIWTA states that NDE was trading in the area of ​​Panchabati. Although they were told about the company, they did not acquire the goods from that. All the instruments yesterday were shattered. The cattle stock and sand rotation were sold to the tune of 8 million and 60,000 taka. Earlier, excavations used to fill the turquoise in the Birulia area were sold at an auction for Tk 10.20 million. The application has been directed by the Deputy Director of BIWTA Mohammad Noor Hossain.

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