A fire from an electric gun will start on the 8th floor: investigation: -753260 Kantho Kaler

It is thought that the Home inquiry and Relief and Ministry of Fire Committee began the fire since the eighth floor of electric guns in the East Tower.

The additional Secretary General of the committee of inquiry into the ministry and ministry of the Fayzur Rahman disaster told reporters after the public hearing of Tower FR Banani on Sunday noon.

Fayzur Rahman told the media that our inquiry committee has started work on 29 March. Janashuni is part of the research process. The audit committee heard the landowner's statement. Included in this event are those at Dhaka Medical College (DMCH) and Kurmitola General Hospital.

He says that the fire system was usually needed in such a multi-storey building. During the fire, the building has no fire alarm. There was never a fire protection system. The building fire door was very narrow, the doorway was stored in several floors. The door leaving door had no sailing signal. Because of this, no-one in the building will use the Door on fire.

From this morning to midday, evidence of 24 witnesses was taken to a public hearing. After reviewing their statement, the committee initially investigated the start of the fire from the 8th floor. The committee will report on 3 April after scrutinizing all 24 witnesses' evidence and hospital injuries.

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