A Karan (video) table was sent in the IPL battery to Rohit

Prison jail for tickets. File images

Prison jail for tickets. File images

Shyam Karan made his first prize in this year's IPL. The youngest player in the IPL is to perform this unique performance.

The Rohit Sharma record was broken by Shyam Kari for 20 years and 302 days.

Rohit Sharma visited the Deccan Chargers counter in IPL 2009. At the time, he was 22 years and 6 days. In other words, Shyam Karan is currently the youngest goal in the IPL. However, the lower number of award-winning IPL is smaller. The names of 15 people, including Karan, kept a reputation as a skill.

Regarding the IPL trick, the English actor said, "I didn't know it was a stop. Tell my friends to me. Seeing the fans' favorite festival, I felt Something later, Ash (captain Ashwin) came to see what had happened, but Mohammed Shami had finally made the worst of it. us.

Delhi's initials have lost the game against Kings XI Punjab without victory.

After hitting the house in Mohali on Monday night, Ashwin Punjab led to 166 for 9 wickets in 20 overs.
In response, the Delhi initials were given by a trick Karan in 152 running in 19.2 over. Preity The Zinta team left the game with a big 14-run game against Delhi in the IPL Monday.

At the same time, Banda Bhanga's fame came from Preity Zinta after the great influence of Karan in Punjab. Pritina Zinta danced to the prison and left her to prison. After the video was uploaded on to the official Facebook IPL and Kings XI Punjab on Twitter, the video has been growing up through music via social media.

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