Wednesday , February 26 2020
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A new battery can be moved to the new iPhone

CNBC's US media report said that if there is a huge battery on the new iPhone, it was one of the main reasons for the increase in iPhone sales.

The new phone was sold in the previous year. In addition, many studies have also found that the original reason for the new device is to upgrade the device to the small battery of iPhones.

It is thought that Apple's new iPhone line will look like the current line. This year, iPhone 5.8-inch, iPhone iPhone 6.5-inch and iPhone iPhone that is 6.1-inch cheaper import Apple, which is similar to the current iPhone X, iPhone X Max and iPhone XR. .

Qo said "a 6.5-inch Olead battery, 5.8-inch Olead and 6.1-inch LCD will increase the battery capacity of 10-15%, 20-25 out and 0-5% respectively."

The new size is thought to have been similar like before. But its power will increase.

Well, Apple is going to increase the battery battery to build the new charging machine beside the new iPhone. Buyers of AirPad, Apple Watch and non-wireless devices can cut behind this iPhone throughout this feature. Samsung and Huawei have recently launched the tool.

The Apple iPhone will usually appear in the new iPhone in September. It is expected that this will not be the same.

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