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As the last night of division occurred, Malaika said

The actress Bollywood, Arbaaz Khan and his actress, Malaika Arora, have completed his & her; wedding party for 18 years. The event was defeated to date. However, Malaika has repeatedly talked about the event that she had; at the final night of the divorce divide and again the debate came.

A report in the Indian media said the relationship between Arjun Kapoor and his relatives had broken. Although the public has not known so far. But Malacca has opened his mouth on what happened the previous night of division.

Recently, as a guest of the Kareena Kapoor radio show, this actor gave public prosecution. Malaika said friends and relatives had her to think twice before they decided to divide.

Even & # 39; After the division, the family members asked me at night, are you sure? Are you 100 percent sure about your decision? Those who thought of me wanted to know all this, "said Malaika.

But a decision was made to make the division clear with both. Malaika Dear friends, honor for that decision. Her actress also said she did not. She got the family in difficult times of her life.

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