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Average price of Hilsa


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Although it is not a Bengal tradition of eating Hilsa Panta in the morning of Pahela Baishakh, it is now a tradition. However, for the last few years, there is a social movement in the Baishakh to buy hilsa.

Even then, the rich and poor of all the classes want to eat pandas. So residents live like a market. On the same hand, due to the increase in demand and fish in the other side of the river, high air prices in the markets. As the Boishakhs enter, fish prices will rise, fish merchants said.

The streets of Karwan Bazar and Jatrari Bari were found in the market, with the sales of bhakadak selling Hilsa in both these markets. Many people return and many come back after listening to the price. The shape of Hilsa Hilsa is sold at Tk 1,1000. The kilogram of Hilsa 300 grams is sold at Tk 700-800. The larger the price, the more the price. One of 800 grams of hilsa is being asked for a price of 4 to 4000 taka. But the seller is looking for 3,300 rupees to sell if the retailers are getting it. Half a kilogram of hilsa is needed for 6-8000 rupees. There are a few prices available at small prices.
The price for Hilsa was doubled compared to last week. The price of Hilsa Tk 800-800 is requested for the price of Tk 900-800, which was Tk 3-4,000 last week. A price is charged for just under 800 grams of hilsa for the price of 5-6000 rupees, which was a week last from 3 to 3000 taka. Hilsa of 700 grams is sold at Tk 4,500 to Tk 5000, which was last between Tk 2.5 and Rs 3 miles.

Price is more than one weight increase. Last week, the sale was sold for one and a half thousand rupees, yesterday sold from two and a half to three thousand taka. 1 kg of hilsa kg weighing 300 grams from 3 to 3000 taka, Tk 2000 last week. Hilsa is invited to weigh more than 3 to 4000 rupees.

In terms of the increase in the price of hilsa, Jatrabari Abu Sufian fish farmer said there was an increase in the demand for hilsa in the first baishak. Again, fishing was stopped at this time. Many hide fish, so the price is higher. Many people keep the hilsa stored in the freezing frost for birth on the day. Those who fish in the winter have been hired for many years. So the price is higher because of the price of fish priced.

On Thursday, an order of office was issued by the Fisheries Department to ban Jatka hilsa from destruction. The effect of Jatka is reported to be in the river between March and June and more bats will be caught in fishing catch. So, to protect the Jatka, guide fishing officers upazila to strengthen awareness and enterprise. At the same time, the mission was asked to send information to the Fisheries Department. However, the demand for hilsa has actually gone down a few years ago. Hilsa's loss was also reduced by government sensory activities.
Shariful Islam, a private worker who bought Jilatibari, said that family members must eat a hilsa in Baishakh, so they came to buy an earlier hilsa.

However, the hilsa cannot be bought as it wants prices. Hilsa weighs over 400 grams, we have bought a lot of bills and we could buy it at Tk 2,000. In this way, once the hilsa fish is a dream for the poor.

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