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Bangladesh loses to Bhutan in semi-final stages

Bangladeshi girls have introduced the net bombs on the net by affecting Bhutan 2-0.

In the Rangsala English Stadium in Birnam, Nepal, Thursday (14th March), 3rd prize and 8th prize against Safu Bhutan won the second prize in Bangladesh.

In the first half of the game, the goal was scored, but first of all Bangladesh's goal was scored. In 47 minutes, Misirat Jahan Moushumi succeeded in calling the last bloody market twice in the gap between Sabina Khatun twice.

3-0 results from Nepal on Bhutan in the last game made it easy for Bangladesh to make it easy. He was the only way to win that game. And the successful Rabbani Chhaton Golaon students from Bangladesh were successful. As a result, it is sure that one game remains in the semifinals.

Bhutan went out of class after losing two games to Bhutan. In contrast, a Bangladeshi Nepal partner The two teams, who affirmed the semifinals, will be against the winners on Saturday (16 March).

Bangladesh Time: 1740 Hours, 14 March, 019

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