Bowdy frozen playgrounds on the 22nd February

Showbiz Desk: Eventually, the film was Heart of the Rainbow & # 39; of the upcoming release in the theater on 22 February. But the director Rajibul Hossain told the story of the wonder. If there are still four days left to be released, the film will only be shown once a week. The director of Rajibul Hossain said, "We have initially planned to be presented with the listeners. One observer will tell 10 people to see the movie. With a visitor demand, the number of these will be & # 39, enlargement We do not hope to go up to an unnecessary. If it's bad, the image will be stopped. If they are a movie, they would like them. The number will increase . And nothing, the pictures of people aged 15-35 are the ones. We want to release the film in their favorite locations. "He emphasized the tourism & # 39; lusty & pictures; country pictures. Visitors can respect it. The organizer organized a news conference yesterday with the picture. He told information about the distribution of the film there. After joining the Bangladesh Sensor Board for two years, Heart of the Heart & # 39; released on 23 October. In the film, the local and foreign artists attacked. These include Minya Petkovich (Serbia), Shams Kadir, Muhtasim Saajan, Khing Sai Mung Marma and others. The hunting of the film began in 2014 and ended in February 2016. The picture was shown in 54 areas of the country.

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