BPL campaigners get money?

08 February 2015, 03:31 Updated: 08 Feb2012, 23:37

Comilla Victorians has been a champion in the sixth edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Today, in the final of the late 1980s, hit Dhaka Dynamites, they were happy. They won the title for the second time in the competition. They get the huge prize for this year's competitions.

Two black crops will be awarded for war in the sixth BPL publication. Those who last year got Tk 75 lakh.

Shakib Al Hasan, Competitionman, the playwright Ab & # 39; best in the competition. He won a 5 thousand dollar prize

This year, Shakib 301 ran in the bat. And 23 pounds in her bones. He has been the biggest advocate.

Tamim Iqbal, Man of the Match, played a very good attendance of 141 in the final. He got a thousand dollars as a reward.

In a game, Comilla first got 199 races. Dhaka clarified in 182 in response. So Tamim-Imrul is happy to win.

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