Friday , February 21 2020
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Captain Kohli's defeat to the team is as follows: 755626 | Kantho Kaler

An incredible phenomena can be seen in the 12th edition of the current IPL. The Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli, has lost one match against the star team. The India national team, which steered the prosperity of the captain's command; Captain is navigated by Bengaluru. After a defeat to Kolkata Knight Riders last night, the question has been raised in the world of the cricket, what is the reason behind this dramatic situation. of Kohli de batting?

According to many, the mistake made by captain Kohli is visiting Bangalore. According to someone, Kohli has not been as important in team management and leadership as he plays for the national team. His leadership may have died out of existence. That is why his crew lost his team. Earlier, Kohli admitted that it was as important to IPL as the national India team.

Unlike the captains, Kohli, the charges are against the captain. There are many complaints including inaccuracies when the team was set up, unable to speak to the right people at the right time, making mistakes during the game. For example, against Kolkata on Friday, Pavan Negi, when he had six wickets hit in the first two were routed by two knights with actors, having been on four occasions after that. Kohli did not do that.

Where the player was completely at play, Kohli did not allow Moin Ali to match a full match against the Knights. Merry used to work on this playground. How will he forget about it! Like the beauty of Washington, the spinner has not yet had permission for one IPL play. The question of how Kohli is taking this decision as Indian captain has started the question.

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