Comments made by Faruk and Tasveer

Tasveer and Faruque were arrested in the fire service in the fire service in the Banani DB office.

Tasveer and Faruque were arrested in the fire service in the fire service in the Banani DB office. Picture: Jugantar

Tasveer Ullapool, the owner of the building owner, took a case in the fire service in Banani FR Town and gave the resumption for seven days in a case made by the owner of the land owner SMHI Farooq (65). Including.

After the hearing on the Sabbath, the Dhaka Metropolitan Sadabi Yasin Ahsan Chowdhury ruling ordered the rehabilitation of the accused. Inspector of police DB, Jalal Uddin, sent them into court for a 10-day resignation application.

On the other hand, the defendants applied for a bail. Meanwhile, on the same day, the court set 30 April to submit a monitoring report after the case registered in the case.

On the first day of the seventh day, officers received a range of information. For this information, he told the officers that they had been supplied with the information. However, documents must be certified for the warrant. And those documents are in the form of Rajuk and the construction company Rupayan. Monitoring officers call for documentation associated with the building as a result of the inspection.

Monitoring officers, the 18-storm building, have been asked to set up the illegal estate owner Faruq Hossain on 23 floors. She told the information that RAJUK has written a letter to RAJUK. At the same time, it was pointed out that the building was erected that they did not build the building because of the regulations.

Although the building's elevation was increased illegally, Tasveer Ul Islam, owner of the top three floors, said it had extended the building with an agreement. He also agreed an agreement from RAJUK.

The landowner Faruq Hossain told the DB officers that F. F Tower had 20 owners. It owns 45%. The remaining 55% of the model. The landlord did not sell his flower. For the rest of the house, he has hired his office. 55 per cent of property ownership was sold to 19 people.

Faruk Hossain also said he had not taken part in the mobile service after the building of the tower due to a dispute over the building. However, 45 per cent of the buildings have been taken over.

Tasveer Ull, re-appointed, told the intelligence officers that the building was approved by RAJUK following the building of the 18-story building up to 23 floors. He has bought floor floors 21, 22 and 23 without examining all the papers.

Urban Metropolitan Detective (North) ADC Gakm Sakhaline Sithil said, "We are collecting documents from the departments and offices to prove the information we receive from the accused." It will be possible to decide who was involved in the examination and examination of the documents.

A fire in the Banani Tower FT started with 23 floors on Thursday at 12:55. After six and a half hours of effort, it is possible to set the fire on 7pm. To date, 26 people have died from this event.

On the night of Tuesday 30, in the case of a police banani, SI Milton Dutta issued a case under order 436/304 (a) / 427/109 (no. 37). Here SMH Faruk Hossain, chairman of the Rupayan Group, Liach Ali Khan and Tasveer-ul-Islam, were prosecuted.

In the same day, landowner Faruq Hossain and owner of Tasveer Ul Islam, owner of the extended section of the house, introduced DB police. On the next day, the court granted seven-day reinstatement for the 10-day re-appointment order.

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