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Azam Khan's birthday is today Pop Popire's birthday and the Freedom Fighter hero. On their birthdays, one of his followers remembered the best artist. He sang songs with him. "I have a song singing my minds / I know that this song is listening to Azam Khan / I need to talk about grass in the song / Lost days are going back in the hands of Ajam Khan / Jim Morrison by Bob Ciller in Bob Dylan & This song is written by Dhruba Es. The song & Guru & # 39; to sing the voice in this song.

In the context of the song Day Ours Time OnlineSolar said: "To write Bangla's banner history, Azam Khan needs to write his name. This person introduced a new chapter to the Bengali song. There is a musical frenzy between youths. No praise can be finished. His sacrifice for country and great songs. We are praising him. & # 39;

Rezaul Karim Limon, the master's of a song & Guru & # 39; to design, to & # 39; mix and continue songs. A video of the song was released on YouTube's BanglaUdol channel today.

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