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First rate in second Zidane || Game || Janakantha

  • Spanish La Liga, Valencia 2-1 Real Madrid

Sports Commentator Zinedine Zidane returned to Dougayut for a second time in the worst team of those who prefer them. Although it was anticipated that he would return, but at the creation of the day the French legend is realizing the truth.

The 1998 World Cup star won the flame after returning to another venue in Santiago Bernabeu. On Wednesday evening, the game La Liga and Ace the Spanish have gone off with Valencia with Real Madrid. Zidane took responsibility for taking responsibility for this award. Not only that, it is alongside the players. Other players in the previous night promised Athletic Bilbao with Levante with 3-2 goals and this time Rayo Viakano 2-1. The game Hueska and Selta Viego did not change from 3-3.

Gareth Bale could not reach XI for the last Zidan for 10 months. However, in the final of the European League, it was against Liverpool that he was replaced. In this game, Zen has replaced Bell as a new one. But nothing could do anything. On the other hand, Valencia impressed as a great team. Two rounds of Gonzalo Guades and Ajques Garre ensured that the guests were victorious. In the wounded time, Karim got one aim from Sant Angelo of Benzema. In this victory, the Marcelino team are only one point from the top four. Valencia currently has five points listed with 46 points from 30 matches. Real Madrid has three points from 57 points. Barcelona has the highest rating of 70 points.

This success was waiting for a last minute in front of Valencia. As well as being able to get the Champions League in the top four league championships, he received the first two fixtures under Zidane and is just behind the back of the medal, Galacticos seen. No competition season now exists, Real doesn't have a chance. There were no concerns about the team's performance during the season. Players, mediators and defenders cannot match the players themselves.

Under Zidane Bell to play in the first two games of the eleventh century. During this time Bell's future was predicted about the future. But again he was scared out of the bench. In the first half, compared with Real, Valencia showed a complete word in the game. Although they had to get 35 minutes to get their first goal. With the help of Carlos Solar, in the Guades Curling play, after a real gamekeeper for Nailer Ceiler destroyed Valencia he will continue. In the 64 minutes of the game, Bell went to the floor of Marco Assenio. As well as Tony Cruse, he left the room for Escrow. Belle made Real Equal a difference from the field. But Danny could be a skilled traveler.

Valencia doubled the edge on Garrett's head from the crosses seven minutes before the game. Then with the help of VAR technology, Sergio Ramos's punishment was stopped. At the last minute of the game (93 minutes), Karim Benzeema got the same goal for Real on the Real side. Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane is not agreeing with players for the first stage after they take their second term after the game. Don't want to judge the experienced players like Marcelo with a single performance, the big French. Zidane said: “We started playing the game well. The pressure has been placed on the enemy. We got the trips first. I can't blame the players for anything. They were really trying. We played against a high-level team. It's a rate And the rate is always famine.

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